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Nutr’s Shoppable Videos Drive 2.2X Higher Conversion Rates

Revenue at 3.5% avg. conversion rate,from video engaged site visitors
From orders placed directly in shoppable videos

In 2023 alone, 10.68% of the entire website audience watched and interacted with Videowise videos, resulting in over 177,000 views.


Videowise has been a great addition to our website! It's given visitors the ability to engage with our content and build a connection to the brand through video. We enjoy the overall functionality and additional selling opportunity and would highly recommend them.

Alicia Long, CEO Nutr

About Nutr

Nutr is a lifestyle and wellness brand that promotes healthy and sustainable living through its Nutr Machine product.

Alicia Long, one of the co-founders of Nutr, drew inspiration from her cherished childhood memories growing up in China. She fondly remembers drinking delicious and nutritious homemade nut milk made by her mother. These memories motivated her to create the Nutr Machine.

As an expectant parent, Alicia wanted to carry on the family tradition of offering her child nutritious plant-based milk. However, she realized how time-consuming the handmade process could be. Additionally, the store-bought milk options were disappointing due to their high sugar content and the presence of additives, oils, and preservatives.

Driven by her desire to make nut milk at home easy and accessible, Alicia and her husband Dane developed the Nutr Machine. This innovative technology, currently pending patent, enables anyone to make fresh, delicious, and nutritious plant-based milk at home with just a simple touch of a button.
Shopify shoppable video Nutr

The challenge

Effectively showcasing their brand's distinct value proposition proved to be a formidable challenge for the team at Nutr.

  1. Present Nutr’s value proposition. In homeware electronics, there is always a constant influx of new product launches competing for attention. Standing out in this highly competitive industry posed a significant challenge for the Nutr brand.
  2. Create an immersive customer experience. Since most of their sales occurred through their website, the Nutr team understood the importance of creating an appealing and user-friendly customer experience that effectively highlighted their unique features.

However, relying solely on text and images would not adequately convey the functionality and performance of their product. They needed videos to provide a visual representation that would captivate the attention of potential customers.

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The solution

Unleash video potential throughout Nutr’s website to better showcase the brand’s value proposition and increase sales.

  1. Incorporate Instagram Reels. With the assistance of Videowise, Nutr took advantage of Instagram Reels, importing them and incorporating them throughout their website. These reels became a valuable source of user-generated content, appearing in various sections such as reviews, testimonials, and engaging recipe videos. By leveraging UGC content, Nutr was able to connect with its audience on a deeper level, building trust and excitement around its brand.
  2. Shoppable video recipes. Thanks to Videowise's seamless integration, Nutr populated hundreds of pages with video recipes, showcasing the versatility of the Nutr Machine. This video content effectively heightened audience engagement and desire to purchase.

Shoppable videos on product pages. Nutr efficiently incorporated our platform onto numerous landing pages, product pages, and more. For its new product launch, Nutr Blends, they immediately thought of Videowise to create captivating introduction videos and step-by-step guides.

The results

In 2023 alone, 10.68% of the entire website audience watched and interacted with Videowise videos, resulting in over 177,000 views.

On average, each shopper interacted with 2.52 videos, with an impressive completion rate of 86.6% per video, lasting an average of 1 minute and 17 seconds. Notably, the implementation of Videowise video widgets featuring autoplay videos has been seamless and has had no negative impact on the site's loading speed.

The 10.68% ended up making purchases worth over $450,000 in 2023. The average conversion rate for this group stands at 3.7%, with notable spikes reaching as high as 8.35%.

Comparatively, the overall store's average conversion rate is 1.5%. This means that the shoppers who interacted with the videos exhibited a 2.2X better conversion rate compared to those who did not engage with the videos. The time spent on the website has more than doubled for the 10.68% of shoppers who watched the videos, leading to increased dwell time and deeper engagement with the brand.

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Shopify shoppable video Nutr

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