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15 Interactive UGC Video Ideas to Hit Your BFCM Goals in 2023

15 Interactive UGC Video Ideas to Hit Your BFCM Goals in 2023

In a world where every swipe and click overwhelms shoppers with yet another BFCM deal, how do you rise above the noise and win their trust?

With user-generated content.

User-generated content is a curation of happy customers sharing their experiences with your product/service. This content adds a sense of authenticity that traditional ads can't match. That’s why consumers consider UGC 2.4 time more genuine than branded posts.

You can take this social proof to the next level and reel in more shoppers by converting user-generated content into interactive videos.

Forget cookie-cutter marketing strategies. Check out our curated list of 15 interactive video ideas that will set you apart every BFCM season.

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content, as the name suggests, is created by real users of a product/brand. When people like a product, they can post on social media about its benefits or share a detailed review. UGC can take the form of pictures, videos, story highlights, emails, or even articles.

But one of the most common formats for UGC is video content. You'll find such videos across social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube—like the example below where the creator didn’t get paid for creating this video.

15 awesome interactive UGC video ideas for BFCM 2023

Ready to rock the BFCM season with user-generated content? Here are 15 ideas to create UGC posts and how to turn them into interactive videos.

1. "What's in the box?" mystery game

This will be a fun video where users can play the popular guessing game "What's in the box?". But the video will have a slight twist where people will only be told the product's benefits instead of the option to touch and feel the item. They have to guess the correct product based on these cues.

You can turn this into an interactive quiz where viewers must guess the product in question and choose from a list of available options.

These UGC videos are great for launching new products during the BFCM sales. You can feature your existing products and then introduce a new collection.

We've actually come across a YouTube video from Sarah Grace about how she bought a mystery box from Apple, and it has 2.3 million views in 8 months. So, these mystery box challenges can really work.

2. Product dance-off

Encourage your customers to choose one favorite product and engage in a dance-off—the product with the better dancer wins!

Each customer can choose one product from your brand they like the best. Then they have to dance with your product in their hands and one-up each other's moves. It's totally on the creators to decide whether they want to have a real dance-off or just a funny one with quirky moves.

This can become an interactive video with an active poll to decide who wins the battle. End this video with a CTA encouraging shoppers to buy both products and decide who's a winner themselves.

3. Two truths and a lie

The classic Two Truths and A Lie (TTAL) game would be perfect for creating user-generated content. Customers can share fun stories from their personal lives to let others guess what's the truth and which is fiction.

Or they can share details about your products and ask viewers to guess what's true and what's not.

You can create an interactive video by stitching together multiple such UGC videos. Make it a longer video for online viewers to have a shot at answering multiple questions and getting a score in the end.

A brand-specific TTAL game would be a great way to test how much people know about your brand. Winners can get a special reward!

K18hair created an Instagram reel using the game of two truths and one lie, talking about hair as they want to educate people about the importance of using the right hair care products.

4. Unconventional use cases

Invite customers to showcase the most unexpected and unique ways to use your product(s). They're free to use their creative instincts to come up with the craziest, unheard-of ideas for using your products.

Once you've collected a bunch of such quirky customer videos, bring them together in an interactive video to let viewers decide which one they'd like to see.

This can be a series of unconventional use cases infused with humor and creativity to capture shoppers' attention.

5. "If Products Could Talk" series

Let your customers’ imagination flow with a UGC campaign on fictional dialogues narrated by your products. Ask people to bring your products to life literally and create videos talking like a particular product. They can create stories and conversations that make buyers tick!

These videos will stand out from the basic ones you see floating around on social media. And they can also pique shoppers’ curiosity.

Plus, you can easily repurpose these videos to feature them on your product pages. That’s social proof with a twist!

Here’s a fun video that a skincare brand created to show its products talking to each other. Use this as an inspiration to let customers create more for you!

fictional dialogues narrated by products

6. Product treasure hunt

Another great UGC idea is for customers to create a treasure hunt in their videos. They can hide your products anywhere in their home or office and add riddles/clues for viewers to solve.

Each clue can ask them a question about your products, and the correct answer would take them to the next clue.

This is an excellent way to engage shoppers and reel them into the excitement of solving a treasure hunt. It's a fun way to gamify the shopping experience and give shoppers a break from basic ads.

7. Mix and match challenge

You can also collaborate with other brands to host a giveaway contest and produce more UGC. Encourage customers to combine products from all brands to create something interesting.

Turn this into an interactive video by asking viewers to vote for the best combinations. Or you can add hotspots for different products and attach a UGC video to every hotspot. So, when people click on a particular product, they can see the best ways to use that item with other brands' products.

This mix-and-match challenge can help you reach a bigger audience since multiple brands' audiences are involved. It'll also reiterate the benefits of using your products and its many use cases.

8. DIY home infomercials

What better way to sell to potential buyers than having your existing customers sell to them directly? A great theme for creating UGC is asking happy customers to create ads for any product they like the most. This acts as social proof for your brand, and you can turn them into shoppable videos for interactivity.

You can also make this campaign more interesting by asking people to create themed infomercials. These can be funny, serious, movie-based, or any theme they like.

9. Product poetry slam

Reel in shoppers in the middle of the BFCM frenzy with some delightful poetry. Launch a UGC campaign asking customers to write and recite poetry about your brand or products. Then, convert these videos into a series of shoppable video ads.

These UGC videos would blend well into an average person’s social feeds. So, instead of making them feel they’re being sold to, you can engage them more naturally.

And if they feel intrigued enough, they can simply hit the Buy Now button to place an order. It doesn’t get easier than this!

10. Product-in-a-scene challenge

Another cool idea is to encourage customers to recreate a scene from any movie or TV show and integrate your product into the scene. They can also choose to dress up as a particular character and use your product.

You can increase participation in this UGC contest by sharing these videos on your website, social media, and other places.

Plus, you can turn this UGC content into interactive videos by asking viewers to guess which movie/show or character is in the video. It's a fun way to engage your existing and potential customers!

Or simply ask people to integrate the products in a video, like this video where the user shows how they incorporated the Ikea products into their home.

11. Product stop-motion videos

Another cool UGC campaign idea you can pursue this BFCM season is asking customers to create artistic stop-motion videos with your product(s). Stop motion is an animation technique, and those who are skilled in this area can produce some amazing results for your brand.

You can incentivize customers to create these videos or collaborate with them to produce brand-aligned stop-motion videos.

In the best-case scenario, you'll get some eye-catching videos showcasing your products. Since these videos have a unique animation style, they'll also stand out from other videos on any social platform.

A food brand like Lay’s can ask customers to create videos like this one using their chips.

Product stop-motion videos

12. Favorite product stories

Ask customers to share a memorable story linked to your brand—any situation or time when they felt thankful for your products. These stories are different from the usual customer testimonials because they're more emotion-packed and focus on specific events in each user's life.

You can integrate these videos into a product ad, and when shoppers click on any product, they'll be able to see all the customer stories for that particular item.

13. Interactive ASMR videos

ASMR videos are all the rage on the internet. With so many people enjoying ASMR content, it's a great idea to jump on this trend and let users create similar videos with your products. This is particularly helpful for brands in skincare, food & beverage, art supplies or stationery, and home decor brands.

The sound effects can have a wonderful impact on interested shoppers and persuade them to buy your products. You can turn these videos into shoppable content for maximizing sales.

An example could be this Instagram Reel from Mireya Rios showing her daily skincare routine.

14. "What's your style?" quiz

A fairly easy UGC video idea is incentivizing customers to share their style. They can create videos using your products and highlighting their unique personalities. Each customer will have a different take, and you'll get a collection of user-created videos.

You can add all these videos to your online store under a page called Customer Love. And they’re great for running shoppable video ads before and during the BFCM season.

15. Show the product in action

An ever-so-classic idea for interactive UGC videos is showing your products in action. This idea is perfect for brands with a smaller customer base. You can host a UGC contest asking customers to share videos using your products.

You can convert this content into shoppable videos and add them to your online store or individual product page. It’s a great way to show potential customers what your products look like and how they work in real life.

This Sheglam customer made a short reel showing her latest purchase from the brand. This reel is a kind of unboxing video with an honest review in the caption, mentioning both the good and bad parts of the product.

Make BFCM a big hit with interactive UGC videos

Ad fatigue is real, and the BFCM season only amplifies it for your buyers. User-generated content can be a game-changer if you want to stand out from the crowd and win their trust.

But what’s even better than UGC?

UGC in an interactive format! Make these customer videos interactive and put many faces to your brand to reel in new shoppers. Bookmark this list of 15 unique interactive UGC video ideas to get started.

And if you’re looking for a tool to turn normal user videos into an interactive format, then Videowise is the only tool you need. Book a personalized demo to learn more about shoppable video marketing for BFCM!