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How True Classic switched from Vimeo to Videowise to optimize conversion rates

Conversion rate of shoppers that engaged with video, in 2023
From orders placed by shoppers that engaged with video, in 2023

Videowise is the best video platform we've ever seen. Simple onboarding, great UI/UX, solid functionality, and an awesome partner to work with. We tested it on our site and it boosted our CVR.

We highly recommend trying it out in your store!

Ben Yahalom, President of TrueClassic

About True Classic

True Classic is a direct-to-consumer men’s wear brand founded in 2019 by Ryan Bartlett.
True Classic emerged from a simple idea to create well-fitting, accessible t-shirts for everyday men. Joined by partners Nick and Matt in 2019, the brand launched its inaugural crew neck t-shirt collection, setting the stage for an impactful journey.

In the subsequent years, True Classic achieved remarkable milestones, reaching profitability and hitting the $100 million mark within two years of its inception. The brand's global presence expanded to 192 countries in 2022, emphasizing its dedication to providing the perfect fit for men worldwide.

Beyond t-shirts, True Classic ventured into activewear and men's bottoms in 2022, showcasing its commitment to superior comfort and style. With five retail locations opened in 2023, the brand fostered tangible connections with its community.

 Looking ahead, True Classic's founders, Ryan Bartlett, Nick Ventura, and Matthew Winnick, remain driven to make a lasting impact through innovative initiatives to empower individuals and create positive change in the world.
Shopify shoppable video True Classic

The challenge

In the over-crowded fashion industry landscape, True Classic confronted challenges that demanded innovative solutions. 

  1. Video embedding at scale. TrueClassic encountered hurdles regarding scaling with their previous video apps. Thus, the brand required a more centralized and efficient approach to distribute video across it’s 700+ pages site.
  2. Protecting site speed. True Classic is forever in search of the best performance, and they were using 2 videos apps on every product page. They needed a new video solution that will make their PDPs even faster.

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The solution

Recognizing the immense potential of video content, True Classic sought to utilize video as a powerful tool to engage and retain its audience, resulting in a dynamic shift in its video infrastructure.

  1. Video embedding at scale, on over 700 pages. True Classic used Videowise’s proprietary technology to save hundreds of work hours and embed video stories at scale, on over 700 product pages (PDPs). Notably, each product page has its distinct video content, ensuring the brand's messaging remains tailored and resonant for every product offering.
  2. A video platform built for Shopify.  Videowise offers shoppable videos and video interactions at a fraction of the cost, all while being fully interaction with TrueClassic’s Shopify store.
  3. Better page-speed. Videowise’s uses asynchronous small-sized .JS scripts of just 37kb, lazy loaded video widgets, compressed assets and adaptive bitrate streaming video for fast streaming regardless of internet connection or device.

The results

True Classic's audience is not merely viewing videos but actively immersing themselves, with an impressive 2.7 videos watched per visitor and an astounding 70% completion rate. The average watch time per viewer is 1 minute and 21 seconds – indicating the captivating content that holds viewers' attention.

Furthermore, this engagement translates into significant conversion rates. The analytics reveal that these engaged shoppers convert at an average rate of 13%, in 2023.

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Shopify shoppable video True Classic

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