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Simple & flexible pricing

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Video Commerce

Video infrastructure designed for eCommerce to boost engagement & inspire purchases.


Video Channels

Inspire visitors with your own Netflix-style learning & shopping video experience.


Media Infrastructure

Organize, make shoppable, and optimize with AI all your media assets in one centralized library.

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User Generated Content

Save time and get more UGC with automated social listening and request creator usage rights.

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Social Shopping

Transform your social content into shoppable, social-proof experiences.


AI-Optimized Media

Enhance page-speed with sharper, AI-optimized videos and images.


Shoppable images

Improve product discovery and inspire purchases with shoppable image galleries.


Personalization Engine

Tailor visual experiences and dynamically adapt your website for different types of audiences.


Performance Analytics

Refine your visual strategy with detailed engagement and conversion metrics.

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Seamless integrations with eCommerce platforms and your tech stack.

Includes 20,000 interactions/mo

An interaction is a video watched for more than 3 seconds OR a click on an image hotspot. Additional interactions at $10/1,000 interactions.

$249 /mo
Includes 50,000 interactions/mo

An interaction is a video watched for more than 3 seconds OR a click on an image hotspot. Additional interactions at $5/1,000 interactions.

$449 /mo
Includes 100,000 interactions/mo

An interaction is a video watched for more than 3 seconds OR a click on an image hotspot. Additional interactions at $5/1,000 interactions.

Custom Price
Unlimited interactions/mo

Fixed monthly or annual pricing custom tailor for your needs.

  • check mark 21-Day FREE trial
  • check mark Best for online stores with avg. 20k website monthly visitors
  • check mark Up to 300 social posts detected/month
  • check mark Email & chat support
  • check mark 21-Day FREE trial
  • check mark Best for online stores with avg. 50k website monthly visitors
  • check mark Up to 300 social posts detected/month
  • check mark Priority support
  • check mark 21-Day FREE trial
  • check mark Best for online stores with avg. 100k website monthly visitors
  • check mark Up to 300 social posts detected/month
  • check mark Connect multiple stores
  • check mark VIP Support, private Slack channel
  • check mark Extended FREE trial
  • check mark Custom pricing for online stores with over 200k monthly website visitors
  • check mark Unlimited social posts detected month
  • check mark Connect multiple stores
  • check mark VIP Support, private Slack channel

The best, included in all plans

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Publish videos anywhere on site
Unlimited hosted videos
shop app
Connect multiple stores
shop app
Videos in Shop App
Sync TikTok & Instagram accounts
Bulk video embedding
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SuperVideo compression
Advanced video analytics
circle play
Dedicated customer success
UGC Detect
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Advanced video analytics
Assisted implementation
Assisted implementation
20+ video widget themes
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Private Slack Channel

brands convert more with videowise

"Been using Videowise for over a year and we’ve seen a noticeable improvement in our conversion rate."

Kevin Clarke Head of eCommerce,
Sculpted by Aimee
Widget interactions/month

An interaction is a video watched for more than 3 seconds OR a click on an image hotspot.

Additional interactions/month

Talk to our sales team to get a fixed monthly price based on your site traffic.

$10/1k interactions
$10/1k interactions
$5/1k interactions
No extra cost
Hosted videos & images
50 files
Unlimited files
Unlimited files
Unlimited files
Video upload file size
100 MB
500 MB
500 MB
Connect multiple stores

Connect multiple stores in one Videowise account for faster, consistent integrations.

Unlimited stores
Shared assets between multiple stores

You can share videos, images, widgets, interactions and customizations between multiple connected stores.

AI-powered video & image optimization

Videowise automatically optimizes videos & images reducing file size by up to 97% while mantaining 99% of the video or image quality.

Import from Shopify

Import videos or images from your Shopify account.

Import from Instagram

Connect your Instagram account to import posts, reels and stories.

Import from TikTok

Connect your TikTok account to import your TikTok videos.

Import from YouTube

Connect your YouTube account to import your YouTube videos.

Labels & categories

Organize your Library with labels and label categories.


Organize your Library with folders.

Tag products in video & images

Tag products in videos and images to make them shoppable.

Generated SEO meta data

Videowise generates SEO meta data from your transcript and from tagged products or your can write your own custom meta data.

Team management

Invite your team and assign permissions to collaborate in Videowise.

Video watch time/visitor
Video widget themes

Choose from over 20 video and image widget themes, fully customizable.

All widget themes
All widget themes
All widget themes
All widget themes
Widget display rules & triggers

Set rules & triggers on where and how you want your widgets to be displayed.

Generated closed captions
Widget automations

Create automated widgets with rules that automatically update on your site.

At-scale embedding

Use one widget with different content on different pages for faster implementations and a simpler code base.

Bulk actions

Use bulk actions to add, remove or copy videos and images to widgets and pages.

Video in product gallery

Add ADA compliant, autoplay video to the product gallery in product pages.

Product video on collection pages

Add autoplay video on product previews in collection pages.

Videos in Shopify Shop App
Videos in Mobile apps
ADA Compliance

Videowise offers fully ADA complaint video embedding.

Shoppable video

Allow your audience to buy products while watching videos.

"Add to cart" shoppable action
"Direct to checkout" shoppable action
Custom "Buy" shoppable actions

Define custom "Buy" actions for your shoppable videos.

Dynamic currency
Real-time inventory
Video quiz

Engage your audience with interactive video quizzes.

In-video forms synced with Klaviyo

Create forms, collect data and sync with Klaviyo.

Interactive video

Uplift story telling with branching videos.

In-video custom button

Add a custom URL button in your videos.

Remove Videowise branding

Remove the "Powered by Videowise" watermark from the widgets.

Custom widget design

Videowise offers all the customization options needed to match your branding.

Custom video player design

Create a custom branded video player that matches your branding style.

Global styles

Save time and use global style templates for widgets and interactions.

Netflix-style video channels

Create a Netflix-style video learning & shopping experience page embedded on your site.

Video channel SEO optimization

All videos part of a video channel are SEO optimized and indexed separately by search engines.

Video channel custom branding

Customize your video channel, change theme, colors and fonts to match your branding style.

Video channel page embedding

Seamlessly embed video channels as new pages part of your online store.

AI-powered video & image optimization

Videowise reduced video & image files by up to 97% while using AI-upscalling to mantain 99% of the video & image quality. Smaller files means you get faster loading page.

Personalization engine (Beta)

Serve different widget content to different audiences.

Images with shoppable product hotsposts

Tag products in images and highlight them with interactive, shoppable hotspots.

Image galleries with shoppable hotspots

Increase product discovery with interactive hotspot image galleries.

UGC detect on Instagram

Detect & save all Instagram posts, reels or stories where your hashtags are being mentioned or commented on.

UGC detect on TikTok

Detect & save all TikTok videos where your hashtags are being mentioned or commented on.

New posts detected/month
Request creator usage rights

Request and manage usage rights from Instagram & TikTok creators to use UGC in Videowise.

Collect UGC

Collect video UGC witha drag & drop area that can be embedded on your site.

Social listening reports

Performance reports for all content that mentions your hashtags on Instagram & TikTok.

Shoppable Instagram feed

Create synced or moderated shoppable Instagram feed with your posts, reels and stories.

Shoppable TikTok feed

Create synced or moderated shoppable TikTok video feed.

Shoppable YouTube feed

Create synced or moderated shoppable YouTube video feed.

Shoppable videos in Email & SMS

Share shoppable videos in Email & SMS campaigns.

Shoppable videos in QR Codes

Share shoppable video playlists when a user scans a QR code.

Shoppable videos as Links

Share shoppable video playlists as links.

Performance dashboard

Detailed engagement and conversion overview of your account's performance.

Conversion funnel reports

Full conversion funnel of the audience interacting with Videowise widgets.

Engagement reports

Detailed engagement metrics of the audience interactinv with Videowise widgets.

Device segmentation reports

Segment metrics by device.

Custom attribution period

Select a custom attribution period for Videowise audience conversion metrics.

Action change log

Place markers on your metrics to note widget or content changes and observe graph trends.

Custom event triggers

Videowise transparently provides all analytics triggers for you to input in custom analytics platforms and generate your own reports.

Detailed reports

More detailed metrics for the conversion and engagment reports.

Live chat support

Videowise offers live chat support between 2AM - 5PM EST. Reply time for Free users is under 4h and under 1h for paid users.

Email support

Our team provides email support 24/7.

VIP support

VIP support means increased response time of under 1h on live chat or the private Slack channels.

Private Slack channel

Streamline communications with a private Slack channel between your company and Videowise.

Personalized onboarding
Implementation strategy

Get an implementation strategy tailor for your business based on our best practices.

Dedicated Success Manager
Performance review meetings
Ecommerce platforms

Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce (Magento), WooCommerce, Custom API integration.

Shopify Shop App

Display shoppable videos in Shopify's Shop App.

Social platforms

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube.

Ratings & review platforms

Yotpo, Judgeme, Stamped, Junip, Opinew, Reviews.io, Loox, Okendo.

Email & SMS platforms

Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot.

Custom API integration

Add Videowise widgets to any mobile app or platform.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get started for free?

Absolutely! Videowise offers a 21-day free trial with full app functionality. Embed shoppable & interactive widgets on your site, Shop App, anywhere.

What are interactions?

An interaction is a video watched for longer than 3 seconds or a click on a hotspot in a shoppable image.

How does Videowise pricing work?

Other shoppable video apps charge for views/impressions that don't generate any value. Videowise charges per number of unique interactions your visitors have with Videowise widgets.

We also offer fixed monthly pricing custom tailor-made for your needs.

Do you offer extended free trials?

Absolutely! We offer custom extended free trial periods to allow established businesses to perform A/B testing. To request an extended free trial period please contact our sales team.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

You can get started with Videowise for free to explore the platform's capabilities and see how powerful and easy to use it is.

Our plans are recommended depending on your monthly average site traffic so that you can easily estimate which plan is right for you. For businesses with over 100k monthly site visitors, you should contact our sales team to get a custom-tailor pricing offer.

What happens if I max my monthly interactions?

Your Videowise widgets will continue to display on your site and you will be automatically billed for additional interactions as detailed in our pricing plans. 

You can also contact our sales team for a custom-tailer fixed monthly pricing offer.

What support do I receive from Videowise?

All Videowise users benefit from:

  • Knowledge base with step-by-step instructions
  • Video tutorials
  • Live chat support (during business hours)
  • Email support (24h reply time)

Our Pro & Enterprise plans also include:

  • Personalized implementation strategy and app onboarding
  • Assisted implementation & team training
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Private Slack channel
  • Ongoing account performance monitoring

Can I connect multiple stores in Videowise?

Yes you can! You can connect an unlimited number of stores to your Videowise account starting from the Pro plan ($449/month).

You also benefit from shared assets between connected stores such as your media Library, and widgets which save you time and make it easier to implement consistent shoppable visual experiences on multiple stores.

Are there any hosting capacity restrictions?

There are almost no limits on how many videos or images you can host in your Videowise library!

Our clients host & embed anywhere from tens to thousands of videos and images in their Videowise account.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. If our solution does not meet your needs we will offer you a full refund in the first 30 days.
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