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How Dr. Dennis Gross increased AOV by 7% with Videowise shoppable videos and video quizzes

Revenue at 8.2% avg. conversion rate, from video engaged visitors
From orders placed directly in shoppable videos
Increase in overall site conversion, after implementing Videowise

Videowise is a must-have for any e-commerce business looking to drive sales and engagement through video content.


They are constantly innovating and adding new features, the team is very responsive to feedback and is happy to provide solutions and ideas. Installing and implementing a plethora of video widgets on your website is pretty easy and intuitive, and you can even bulk publish a bunch of videos.


Overall, I highly recommend Videowise for your on-site video marketing and education efforts.

Anton Blagov, Growth Marketing Manager

About Dr. Dennis Gross

The brand’s mission is to offer proven products, effective treatments, and unwavering support, catering to individuals at every stage of their skincare journey.

Central to the brand experience is the fusion of science-backed skincare with a human- centric approach. The brand encapsulates insights from medical experts, providing a comprehensive range of products and peels. Innovative approaches, such as person-to- person virtual consultations and global master classes, underscore the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of skincare advancement.

Driven by a philosophy ingrained in every aspect, Dr. Gross's extensive experience as a clinician, dermatologist, and researcher, combined with his roles as a husband and educator, shape the brand's evolution.

Scientific rigor defines the brand's commitment, meticulously focusing on proven effectiveness, responsible formulation, and health consciousness. Each product undergoes rigorous laboratory, clinical, and safety testing, ensuring enduring performance without compromising skin health.

Shopify shoppable video  Dr. Dennis Gross

The challenge

In the pursuit of refining its online presence, Dr. Dennis Gross encountered several challenges concerning its video content strategy.

  1. Limited functionality of other video apps. Dr. Dennis Gross was initially using a video quiz from another video app (Tolstoy), which although valuable, fell short of meeting the brand's aspirations for a more customizable and scalable solution?

  2. Video distribution at scale, on over 100 pages. The brand has tried embedding .mp4 videos through the Shopify theme editor, page by page, each page needing multiple types of UGC and product videos. This solution was not scalable and lead to difficulties in managing content distribution effectively.

In response to these challenges, Dr. Dennis Gross sought a unified solution that could address the limitations of its previous approaches while providing a versatile platform to elevate its video content strategy.

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The solution

An all-in-one video platform that saved Dr. Dennis Gross’s team time with bulk video embedding, generates new revenue with shoppable videos and improved their overall site conversions & shopper engagement.

Leveraging the power of bulk video embedding, this strategy aimed to elevate engagement across various touchpoints, including the blog, homepage, and product pages.

  1. Shoppable video UGC galleries on product pages & home page. The user- generated content (UGC) videos resonate with customers seeking relatable experiences. These videos were turned shoppable, allowing customers to directly shop in the videos while exploring each product's features and benefits visually.

  2. Interactive video quiz. The founder quiz video provided a personal touch, directly sharing the brand's story, values, and mission from Dr. Dennis Gross for a more guided shopping journey.

  3. Bulk video embedding. All content was distributed on over 150 pages using Videowise’s proprietary bulk embedding & automations, saving Dr. Denniss Gross significant time.

By integrating Videowise's capabilities, Dr. Dennis Gross successfully harnessed the power of videos to connect, educate, and inspire its audience, positioning itself as a leader in the skincare industry.

The results

On average, 7% of the website's traffic actively engaged with the videos, each visitor watching an average of 3 videos at a 75% completion rate, due to Videowise’s swipe up video playlists.

On average, visitors spent an impressive 1 minute and 34 seconds watching short-form video content. This metric reflects the value and relevance of the videos.

The strategy translated into tangible results, 7% of the video engaged site traffic ended up placing over 5,000 orders, worth over $1M, at an average conversion rate of 8.2%.

Out of the total amount of orders, orders & subscriptions worth of $50,000 were placed directly in shoppable videos.

One of the most notable outcomes is the remarkable return on investment (ROI) achieved through the influence of Videowise. Dr. Dennis Gross witnessed a substantial ROI of 328X in 2023, a testament to the significant impact of the new video integration strategy.

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Shopify shoppable video Dr. Dennis Gross

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