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20 Best Interactive Video Examples for Your Shopify Store

20 Best Interactive Video Examples for Your Shopify Store

The transition from traditional to digital marketing has made it easy for customers to compare and switch several Shopify stores simultaneously. Undoubtedly, competition is now fierce.

Customers demand more than the norm from businesses they interact with. More value. More satisfaction. More memorable moments.

If your store is already leveraging video as a marketing tool, you are on track! According to a recent report by Oberlo, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. In addition, eight out of ten people purchased a software or app after watching a brand's video.

But wait.

Almost all Shopify stores create videos.

How can you stand out among your competitors?

Using Interactive videos.

Interactive videos put your viewers into action. It makes your eCommerce marketing strategy dynamic and in tune with your audience preferences.

Most importantly, interactive videos allow viewers to engage, retain, and take action via video content.

With that in mind, I've compiled some interactive video examples to improve your eCommerce marketing strategy and see increasing conversion.

Let's proceed!

What is An Interactive Video?

An interactive video allows its viewers to engage with the video's element, change the story, and create a personal experience for viewers based on their interests.

Interactive videos bring creative opportunities into the video marketing world, enabling brands to create tailored content for different audiences, interact with their audience better and increase conversion.

Interactive4video shows interactive videos have three to four times greater viewer engagement and conversion than traditional linear video. 35% of marketers using interactive videos have seen increased conversion, and 25% increased sales.

Interestingly, interactive videos give the wheel of a video to its viewers. This feature offers viewers a more active role, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Types of Interactive Videos That Engage and Convert Customers

Interactive videos are compelling and engaging, making viewers accountable and increasing conversion.

Let's examine a few types of interactive videos that achieve this feat:

1. Branched Stories

Branched stories are the best illustration that an interactive video gives viewers the control wheel.


This type of video content allows the viewers to choose their adventure.

Often, eCommerce brands use this video format to tell a story of their products in different narratives. However, the viewers have the option to choose their preferred records.


Through decision points that make the viewers answer questions.

Using this interactive video content, a brand must create multiple plots to let viewers choose their desired path.

2. Hotspots

This type of interactive video is one of the best for immediate conversion. It features clickable, interactive elements that redirect the viewer to a new page or provide extra information. The clickable object can be a link, button, or call to action.

Note: Viewers are taken through the video and then to the point where they choose the hotspots.

3. 360 Degree

360-degree videos allow the viewers to see the perspective of the narrative in all directions. This type of video is captured with an omnidirectional camera to present the view from all angles and corners.

This type of video allows viewers to determine the direction they want to see the objects in the video by navigating the direction keys or the viewers' faces.

360-degree videos are alternatively known as immersive videos. They bring their viewers into the reality of the scene. Viewers see the narrative from all angles, just as they would if they were there physically. Again, this video type features hotspots and gives data inputs.

20 Exceptional Interactive Video Examples for Shopify Stores

Often, there are some brand videos we watch that leave a lasting impact in our minds and compel us to take action immediately. This type of video brings the brand close to its audience and creates a perspective that the audience is part of the brand's community.

A Shopify store doesn't need a linear video that only tells a story and leaves the viewers with no action. Instead, they need interactive video content that makes the viewers the center of focus, resonates with their needs and experience, and takes them on a conversion journey.

Here are some interactive video examples to improve your store's video marketing strategy:

1. ChopValue

ChopValue interactive video

ChopValue creates beautiful and sustainable products engineered to last. Their products are made from urban harvested materials with beautiful wooden designs. In addition, the brand knows how to tell a story and create an example of how easy a circular economy should be.

In this interactive video created by the brand, products were showcased with details and displayed gallantly. The video features hotspots that direct viewers to product details, descriptions of discussions in the video, and the process of purchasing.

ChopValue video extract

eCommerce brands can create a similar video to showcase their products and provide crisp detail of their brand and products.

Click here to watch the complete video.

WHY is this video effective?

  • Increases user experience.

  • Makes brand and product information easily accessible to viewers.

  • The video uses attractive and close-up visuals to showcase the products.

  • Increases conversion rate.

2. LaCantina Doors

La Cantina interactive video

LaCantina designs and manufactures extensive opening door systems. In addition, the company provides a comprehensive range of folding, sliding, and swing doors.

LaCantina approached their interactive video with hi-tech professionalism and creativity. At the beginning of the video, the brand showcased the products in an eye-catchy and compelling format. Also, they explained how the interactive video works, educating people, irrespective of their digital knowledge understand and maximize the video.

The top left of the video is the interactive menu button that features sub-menus, including how to use, enter the experience, main menu, visit the website, and contact LaCantina. Each sub-menu leads viewers to the details about the topic.

LaCantina video extract

Also, the video features interactive buttons like the Switch View icon that changes the camera's direction to see different angles of the products. The top right button takes viewers directly to the brand's website for more information.

This interactive video example brings viewers into the experience of the products and provides ample information that heightens the viewer's decision.

View the complete video for yourself.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • Showcases the products with attractive visuals alongside interactive elements that compel viewers to take action.

  • Increases viewer retention.

  • The video is innovative, creative, and fun.

3. The Ashley Personal Safety Alarm

The Ashley personal safety alarm is designed to deter an attacker and make its user feel safe and secure.

This video, made with Videowise, explains how to use the safety alarm effectively. The video is simple, informative, and attractive.

The video accomplishes two intentions; informing viewers about the product and making it easy to purchase. Viewers can choose their preferred color type and bundle size. Also, the video features a simple Add to Cart button that allows viewers to select items they want to purchase without making a payment.

Most importantly, this interactive video reveals simplicity wins the game most times.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • Easy to understand.

  • The built-for-clicks interface allows viewers to add products to their carts easily.

4. The Honda Civic

Honda Civic interactive video example

This interactive video is best for products that have dual or multiple functionalities. All you need are dual or multiple plots to ensure viewers see the different functions of the product.

The Honda Civic can serve as a family car or a perfect getaway vehicle. This interactive video is titled "The Other Side," and it features simultaneous experiences of two realities of a driver. Viewers can watch the alternate scene by pressing and holding the "R" key or space bar.

Honda Civic video extract

In the first scene, the driver is a father picking up his two daughters from school. The girls run excitedly after the closing bell, still wearing their event masks, into the backseat of their dad's white Honda Civic car. The dad zooms off and drives them home.

In the alternate scene, the driver is a lead-footed getaway driver picking up two thieves after a robbery act. The two thieves hop into the backseat of the red Honda Civic car, wearing their masks. The driver zooms off and escapes.

This interactive video explains with practical illustration the multi-faceted functions of the Honda Civic car. Shopify stores can create interactive videos in this format to explain several benefits of a product.

Click here to interact with the video.

Why is this Video Effective?

- Best for products with multiple functionalities.

- This interactive video is compelling and engaging.

5. Deloitte

Deloitte interactive video

This interactive video is one of the best interactive recruitment videos. The video takes viewers through the etiquette and culture of Deloitte. Interestingly, the video features different scenes that provide an interactive experience for viewers.

The video is titled "Will You Fit into Deloitte?"

In one scene, you are in a lift with a male co-worker and mistakenly slosh tea on his suit.

What do you do?

In another scene, you are to pick the best birthday gift for one of your colleagues.

What will be your choice?

Interactive video Deloitte

At each instance, if you make the wrong decision, you are met with a thumbs down and redirected to try again. At the end of each scene, the viewer understands a significant company culture or skill needed at Deloitte.

Interactive video example

Shopify stores can create an interactive video in this format to explain the benefits of a product and the right way to use the product.

Click here to interact with this video.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • Viewers must stick with the video content and learn more about the company as they interact with the video.

  • Useful for products with multiple benefits.

6. Lifesaver

This video is highly interactive and emotional. It creates a real-life experience and allows its viewers to interact with its content as though it's real.

The video asks, "Would you know what to do?"

It features four different life-and-death stories; A cardiac arrest situation, two collapse cases, and a situation where an individual is choky.

Lifesaver interactive video

Viewers are allowed to be part of the rescue and are taught the CPR skills required in different situations.

A link directs you to the scene when you click on a story. At each action point, two options pop up with the timing to make your decision. For every wrong decision, you are allowed to choose again. However, the viewer's decision at every point leads them to the next phase of the rescue.

Interestingly, this video reveals how good the viewer's CPR timing is alongside a scoreboard with their correct answers. The video ends with the speed of the viewer's response and the patient's hospital treatment and recovery.

This award-winning video is a good template for eCommerce brands that desire to create an interactive video that takes their prospects through the benefits and how to use their products. The video's interactivity is premium and engages the viewers until the end.

Interact with the video here.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • The interactivity in the video draws viewers further into the story.

7. Mango's Clothing

Mango interactive video

Mango uses creativity and real-time experiences in this interactive video. The video showcases how clothing from the brand appears on different individuals going about their daily activities.

These strategies make the video appealing and allow viewers to see how the products look in real time.

Mango interactive video example

In addition, the video features hotspots at every scene that direct viewers to the product description with a built-in buy now button that allows them to purchase immediately.

Click here to learn more about the video.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • This interactive video helps the brand showcase its products in real-time, unveil the benefits to the viewers, and allow them to purchase immediately.

8. Pergolux


Pergolux takes the best out of Scandinavian aesthetics and British practicality. Their pergola features an exclusive design, well-thought-out functionality, and unique quality.

In this interactive video created with Videowise, the first scene displays a man fixing the pergola. The left side of the video features the product description alongside an Add to Cart button that directs the viewer to choose items to purchase.

You can create a similar video to deliver interactive and engaging video experiences with the potential to convert your prospects. Every interactive shoppable video created with Videowise features a branded video player, a swipe-up video playlist, your product photos, stock information, variants, and quantity, custom Buy button behavior, and similar products.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • Features a built-in Add to Cart button that fosters conversion.

  • Simple and interactive.

9. Virtual Art Sessions

Virtual Art Sessions by Google

Google used this interactive video to introduce their 3D drawing app - Tilt brush. The video featured six artists exploring their skills in a 3D virtual environment.

At the beginning of the video, you can generally interact with the video or start with VR. Afterward, you have the menu of the six artists ranging in disciplines. The link directs you to a new session as you click an artist. In each session, you see the artist in a blank dark space. However, the artist starts work as soon as you get on the page.

Virtual Art Sessions interactive video

You can increase the watching speed and alter the perspective/direction of the artist in action. This feature allows viewers to explore the art from different angles with the 360-degree interactive element.

Virtual Art Sessions interactive video example

Also, you can click on the Watch Bio icon for more details about the artist. This interactive video allows the viewer to explore the artistic process in all directions and can be fun.

Click here to interact with the video.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • Allows the audience to explore the video content without restriction.

10. VIP Chelsea FC Access

Chelsea FC Access interactive video

Chelsea FC, alongside their official partner Yokohama, provides their fans with an immersive experience with the club via this interactive YouTube video.

Viewers can explore the club's VIP areas, including the training ground and the exemplary Stamford Bridge. Not only that, fans can live out the desire for one-on-one interaction with Frank Lampard and some top players, including Christian Pulisic, Willian, Mount, and much more.

Most importantly, this interactive video provides its audience with a real-time experience different from linear videos. Viewers can explore the club just as they would in real life. Besides, the interactive hotspots allow the viewers to control what they see. This feature makes the video engaging and compelling.

The video tour has three major segments; penalties, youth, and management. Viewers can switch to another part or move on after watching a segment clip.

Chelsea FC Access interactive video example

Watch the complete video here.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • Viewers are the interviewer.

  • Creates a real-time experience.

  • Useful for Shopify stores to educate their audience about a product.

11. Hyundai

Hyundai interactive video

This interactive video was designed for mobile devices. Its energetic soundtrack and top-notch transitions grab the viewer's attention from the first second.

The video features the interior and exterior parts of the Hyundai 2020 Elantra displayed in seamless transitions.

The interactive features are at the bottom of the video to keep the viewers focused. However, the interactive hotspots direct viewers to learn more about the car. Also, viewers can book a test drive via the interactive buttons.

Hyundai interactive video example

Click here to interact with the video.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • The video's creative storyline educates its audience about the car.

  • The energetic soundtrack, alongside its hi-tech transitions, keeps viewers glued to their screens.

12. Miami Tour

Miami Tour interactive video

Here is another interactive video designed for mobile users.

This video takes viewers on a tour around Miami without leaving their houses. With its interactive hotspots, viewers can quickly learn more about each attraction and make bookings.

The video takes the viewer through different locations in the city, including Miami Beach, Florida, Miami Art Gallery, Art Deco and Neon, and a lot more.

Click here to watch the complete video.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • The video provides the viewers with a practical experience of different locations right from home.

  • Viewers can conveniently book different attractions via the interactive hotspot.

13. Rituals

Rituals interactive video

Here is an interactive video example for eCommerce brands.

Rituals sell luxurious and affordable products for the home and body. In this interactive video, viewers see how the products look on real people and how to use the products.

Again, the video features hotspots that direct viewers to shop. In addition, the hotspots lead viewers to the products' descriptions and a Click to Shop icon that allows viewers to make purchases at their fingertips.

Rituals interactive video example

This video is more memorable than traditional linear videos. Besides, it promotes more extended engagement and better interaction rates.

Interact with the video here.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • High-quality visuals promote user engagement.

  • The use of real people aids in product education.

  • Interactive hotspots foster conversion.

14. Ikea Bedroom Habitat

Ikea interactive video

In this interactive video, Ikea solves a significant sleep problem and drives viewers to shop for their products.

The video starts with two men on a small bed. They both strive for comfort and battle for space and convenience.

The mustache-face male struggles for dominance, while the stubble-face male takes revenge with a blow. In response, the mustache-face male pulls the duvet to himself and exposes the stubble-face male to the harsh cold. Since he is in danger, he awakens his mate.

Something must be done!

Viewers eager to know the solution to the problem can click on the hotspot at the left-down part of the video with the description "Can't wait for the solution." This interactive icon skips the first scene and directs viewers to the solution.

Ikea interactive video example

The transition into the next scene is mind-blowing.

The next scene shows both men with new Ikea bedroom products; a king mattress, a soft pillow, a comfortable duvet, bedding, and much more. Interestingly, the video feature interactive hotspots that direct viewers to each product's detail and a Shop now icon to proceed with the purchase.

Ikea interactive video scene

The left-down part of the second scene features a hotspot that directs viewers to shop all the sleep solutions.

The video ends with the two men having a new and better sleep environment with no need to battle for space or comfort.

This interactive video stands out because of its captivating storyline and emotion-triggering voice of the voice over.

Click here to interact with the video.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • The video content, the euphonious voice of the voiceover, and the actors made the video fun and engaging.

  • This video helps educate prospects about the benefits of a product.

  • The interactive hotspots aid conversion.

15. Toyota - Choose Your Wild

Toyota developed this interactive video experience to highlight the advantages and capabilities of the new Toyota 4Runners. Toyota used this video campaign to promote the new 4Runner with an engaging strategy that boosts interaction and gathers precise in-video data.

By choosing to "Keep it wild" or "Turn on the TV," viewers can decide how they want to feel as they progress through the video. Adventure-seeking visitors can explore one of three courses, such as River Kayaking, Mountain Biking, or Rock Crawling, and take the 4Runner for a virtual test drive. Viewers can fully understand how the new 4Runner performs off-roading by controlling the video.

Also, the video features a technology that captures comprehensive analytics on the user's activities as the viewer chooses several courses, giving Toyota access to crucial customer data without the need for time-consuming paperwork or questionnaires.

Most importantly, viewers can "Create [their] beast" after each video through an icon that directs them to the Toyota 4Runner configurator.

Viewers who opt for the "Couch Potato" option, which is less daring, enjoy a different experience.

Why is this Video Effective?

  • Viewers can have a virtual test drive without testing the car in person.

  • The video content is engaging because Toyota revealed the car's features are built specifically for their buyer's needs.

16. Built Wild

This interactive video advertises the Ford Bronco cars, but Ford knows how to play their card well. Instead of making the new collection of cars the focus of the video, the company collaborated with DisneyCreative to tell the story of Jimmy Chin.

With stunning scenes and an attention-grabbing storyline, viewers can forget that they are watching a car ad. However, the storyline features strategic scenes that showcase the capabilities of the Ford Bronco collection of cars.

Again, the video features hotspots across the scenes, allowing viewers to see the car in several locations. In addition, the hotspots direct viewers to learn more about the character and car collections.

Build Wild interactive video example

The interactive video ends with the unique features of each Ford Bronco collection of cars.

Click here to interact with the video.

Why is this video effective?

  • The video features an emotional storyline that captures the viewers' attention.

  • The hotspots allow viewers to explore the cars and learn more about the character.

17. Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel interactive video

The collaboration between US Weekly and Crate & Barrel turned what would have usually been a physical store visit into a fun digital registry piece.

The host, Lauren Bushnell, provides the experience with a cozy and personal vibe as she guides viewers through the store.

Crate and Barrel interactive video example

Also, the video features branching opportunities that create a personality for the viewers by answering questions about themselves. Answers provided lead the viewers to items that suit their interest alongside an interactive hotspot that offers the product's detail and allow them to add the item to the registry.

Click here to interact with the video.

Why is this video effective?

  • Viewers control the direction of the video by answering questions.

  • With assistance from the host, viewers are educated about different items in the store.

  • The use of high-quality visuals improves audience retention.

18. Major Lazer

Here is an interactive video to promote a music video by Major Lazer - an American electronic dance music DJ trio.

Major Lazer interactive video

The video features two plots - the dream world and the natural world. Interestingly, viewers can switch between the real world and the dream world by clicking on the screen. This strategy is an exciting way to increase user engagement and watch time because it's like watching two videos simultaneously.

Imagine the euphoria of clicking on a screen and seeing two scenes in different realities.

What intrigues me about the video is its two-sided scenes and the attention-grabbing storyline as the dream world becomes a reality towards the end.

Click here to interact with the video.

Why is this video effective?

- The multiple scenes created an interactive experience for the viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Interactive Video

1. What Are the Differences Between A Linear Video and An Interactive Video?

Linear videos feature simple interactions, including play, pause, fast forward, and rewind, while interactive videos have clickable hotspots that viewers can interact with.

Again, measuring the conversion rate of linear videos is difficult, but interactive videos are measurable with a conversion rate above 11%.

What's more?

Interactive features such as hotspots make it easy to find information in an interactive video compared to linear videos that provide information at a basic level.

2. What Is the Best Software for Creating Interactive Videos?

- Videowise (yes, we may seem biased, but our Interactive Video platform, as stated by our customers, is one of the best in the market)

- Wirewax

- Rapt

- Eko

- Smartzer

- Spott, and a lot more.

3. What is An Interactive Question?

Users can convey their need for information in a natural way by using an interactive question and answer (IQA). For IQA, there are two crucial points. The first is responding to a user's query in a continuous question-answering process. The second is how the user and the question-answering system communicate.

4. What Are the Types of Questions in Interactive Videos?

- Multiple-choice questions

- Number questions

- Date questions

- Rating questions

- Likert scale

- Drawing responses and more.

Final Words

Interactive videos are the new marketing techniques that put users in control. If brands can successfully harness this technology, they will conveniently scale their user engagement level, capture more data, and increase their return on investment.

However, to create a unique interactive video that goes beyond watching, you need software to turn your brand story into immersive interactive content.

Guess what?

Videowise takes the burden off your shoulder.

Videowise is a new eCommerce video platform designed for brands and retailers. This tool features premium-designed video widget themes that make it easy to add shoppable videos on-site using the tool's drag-and-drop editing tool to match your brand.

In addition, the tool features advanced video analytics that provides deep video performance insight and helps you optimize conversions with the captured data.

There are a lot more intriguing features this software offers. Visit Videowise.com now to learn more about this tool.