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How to add video to Shopify Product Page

How to add video to Shopify Product Page

A common thread we see among profitable eCommerce brands is the use of videos on their Shopify stores. In this article, we’ll cover different ways of adding videos to your Shopify pages. We’ll also discuss the cons of these approaches and how you can fix them with Videowise.

Before adding videos to your Shopify store

Videos on your Shopify pages can help you educate customers, show your product in action, and generate more sales. But before inserting them, you need to consider your page speed. Page speed is the time a web page needs to load in a browser. 

Know what can affect page speed? Videos.

Studies have consistently shown that pages with better conversion rates load fast. If you upload videos to Shopify, your page will load slowly, causing your conversion rate to take a hit. To fix this, you need to upload your videos to third-party platforms like YouTube or Videowise, a platform with a lightning-fast interactive video player. 

How to embed YouTube videos on your Shopify Store

To embed a YouTube video, you can locate the video URL, copy the embed code, and enter it into your Shopify store page. 

Easy, right? But there’s a drawback. 

YouTube video sharing options

YouTube embed codes are not always responsive — which means your video may not properly resize with other page elements. This challenge negatively affects mobile users. 

To fix this, here are the 5 steps to help you upload responsive YouTube videos to your Shopify store:

Step 1: Get the URL of your YouTube video

Identify the video you want to add to your Shopify store page. Copy the URL.

YouTube video with URL


Step 2: Make the video responsive

Free online tools like Embed Responsively and iframely can help you publish responsive videos. 

To use Embed Responsively, paste the YouTube URL you copied and click Embed

Embed responsively

Note: The same process works if you are hosting your videos on other platforms.

Step 3: Copy your responsive embed code

After clicking embed, a responsive video thumbnail will display below your YouTube Page URL. Below the thumbnail, you’ll find your responsive embed code. Select and copy the code.

Copying responsive YouTube embed code

Step 4: Log into your Shopify store to find the page

Click Online Store and then Pages in your Shopify dashboard. Identify the page for your responsive YouTube video and click it.

Shopify dashboard with arrow pointing to Pages

Step 5: Click the insert video icon to add the video embed code

Upon opening one of your Shopify pages, you’ll see several formatting icons. Click the video camera icon.

Selecting video icon on Shopify page

Paste your responsive embed code snippet in the window that pops up and click Insert video.

Pasting embed code

There you have it. Your video is ready to go.

Embedded YouTube video


At the top right corner, you’ll find the Save button. 

Click it to prevent the loss of your changes.

Save changes to a Shopify page

How to add video content to your Shopify product pages

There are two ways to add videos to your Shopify product pages.

  1. 1. Using your product description

  2. 2. Using your product gallery

With either method, you must first navigate to Products to identify the product page where you’ll add your video.

Finding a product page in Shopify

Let’s use the first product to illustrate how both methods work.

Insert video content in your Shopify product description

After clicking the product, go to its description and click the code icon (</>) to Show HTML.

Clicking the Shopify code icon

Scroll to the end of the product description, enter <!– split –>, insert your embed code, and click Save at the top right corner.

Embedded video

Add video content to Shopify using your product gallery

To add video content using the Shopify product gallery, click the product, scroll down to the Media section, and click Add from URL at the bottom right.

Add from URL at the bottom right

Now, insert your video URL.

If you like, you can drag the video to other positions in your product gallery. For instance, I wanted my video to be the first media file, so I dragged it to the beginning of the gallery.

Embedded video as the first file

Should you add YouTube videos to Shopify product pages using URL?

Adding a YouTube video with its URL could cause YouTube to suggest related videos to customers who have almost finished watching your video. This is distracting and it may hamper your conversions.

If you choose to use a YouTube URL, preview the published product page to double-sure YouTube isn’t suggesting related videos. Better still, use YouTube embed codes instead of their URLs. 

Why do eCommerce brands prefer to add videos to Shopify product pages using Videowise

The above methods of adding videos to your Shopify pages have several cons.

  • They don’t provide detailed video analytics for tracking video performance

  • The process is cumbersome when adding tens and hundreds of videos

  • The videos aren’t in an organized library

  • There are limitations when adding video components that engage and convert shoppers

Hundreds of agencies and eCommerce brands annihilate these challenges with Videowise. Here’s why you may want to use Videowise, too:

1. Embed videos in bulk

Embedding several videos on your Shopify product pages is time-consuming. 

To our knowledge, no eCommerce video platform will help you do this except Videowise. With Videowise, you can:

  • add video widgets to multiple pages

  • remove video widgets from multiple pages

  • publish widgets to multiple pages

  • unpublish widgets to multiple pages

  • add videos to multiple pages

  • remove videos from multiple pages

This automation feature lets you save an unbelievable amount of time and effort. It also gives you a great deal of control and visibility over your videos and widgets. Instead of adding video widgets and videos one by one, you can select multiple video widgets or videos and perform these bulk actions at once with just a few clicks.

2. Add multiple types of videos to your Shopify store (+ you won’t require coding experience)

Using different types of videos may boost the conversion rate of your product pages. For instance, if you sell shoes for dogs, you could share a how-to video of the product, a product unbundling video by a customer, and a customer testimonial. 

When embedding these videos, you don’t need to bother about responsiveness because that’s built into Videowise. Also, to change your video layout, you need to know your way around coding. With Videowise, you simply drag and drop the layouts you want (no coding required).

Videowise layout options

3. Make your Shopify product pages 5x faster

Videowise is the only e-Commerce platform that embeds video at a massive scale while being page-speed friendly. For instance, while regular YouTube videos use over 600kb of scripts, Videowise scripts are just a little over 100kb. Plus, Videowise uses compressed thumbnails and has a lightning-fast video player. 

Unless a user clicks on the video player, it won’t load. This prevents resources from being used up by the video and its JavaScript — and this enhances your page speed.

4. Create interactive videos 

The regular YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok videos are not interactive. This makes customers to take one of two steps after watching your video:

  • Navigate back to your site and add a product to the cart

  • Leave your website without taking action

Interactive videos prevent the second outcome. How? They let you add products to your videos so that customers can take immediate action without leaving the page. 

5. Collect data about your video performance

Hosting your videos on platforms like YouTube will let you track video views. That’s table stakes! With Videowise, you can create interactive shoppable videos and track: 

  • Average video order value

  • Video sales by device

  • Watch time per video

  • Off-site video sales

  • On-site video sales

  • Video conversion

  • Total sales

This non-exhaustive list shows the engagement and conversion rate of your videos.

Videowise advanced analytics dashboard

Using your video performance data, you’ll identify your top-performing videos. This helps you create and publish more videos that drive results for your business.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of using Videowise let’s explore how to add videos to your Shopify product pages with Videowise.

Adding videos to Shopify product pages with Videowise

If you aren’t using Videowise, your first step is to add the Videowise app to Shopify. 

Here’s how:

Step 1: Log into your Shopify store and click Apps at the bottom left corner

Click Apps at the bottom left corner

Step 2: Type Videowise Shoppable Video UGC in the search bar that pop-ups

Videowise shoppable video UGC in the search bar

Step 3: Click Videowise Shoppable Video UGC

Videowise in Shopify app store

Step 4: Click Add app

Installing Videowise

With Videowise added to your Shopify, you can add any kind of video to your product pages.

How to add videos to your product pages with Videowise

The first step is to upload or import your videos from our supported platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

After uploading your videos, click Publish > Product Pages.

Selecting a product page in Videowise

Click the product you want to add a video to and click the plus icon if you want to add a new video widget.

Choosing and creating video widgets in Videowise

For this tutorial, we’ll select Re-use a product page widget and click CONTINUE > FINISH.

Videowise layout options

To add a video to the widget, select the widget and click ADD VIDEOS at the top right.

Adding videos to a widget in Videowise

Select the videos you want to add and click ADD VIDEO.

Added video to a widget in Videowise

An optional step is to click the video to make it shoppable by adding interactions.

Creating an interactive video in Videowise

After that, click Actions, Publish video widget, and that’s it!

Publishing a widget in Videowise

Best practices for adding video to Shopify product page

Done right, videos can be a veritable tool that helps you make sales. Here are six best practices for adding videos to your Shopify product page:

1. Keep your video length short

Short videos of two to four minutes long will help you get to the point fast. They are also hard-hitting and ensure you quickly give customers reasons to purchase your product. At Videowise, most of our customers keep their video length under four minutes. Every video won’t fit into this time, but it's ideal to use it as a benchmark.

2. Design scroll-stopping thumbnails

The thumbnail is the first video element your customers see. As the saying goes, “first impressions matters” — so ensure your thumbnail looks great. If your thumbnails are eye-catching, they’ll attract customers who may engage with them and buy products from your store.

Below are our recommendations when creating thumbnails in Videowise:

  • For landscape videos, the recommended thumbnail size is 800x450 px

  • For portrait videos, the recommended thumbnail size is 450x800 px

  • Supported thumbnail formats are JPG, GIF, and PNG

3. Use high-quality videos and audio

Creating one fantastic video trumps ten average product videos. Customers can use your image, audio, and video production quality to create an impression of your brand. If they are all great, customers will perceive your products as best-in-class. The opposite is also true. 

4. Optimize videos for mobile devices

According to Similarweb, mobile traffic market share in the US has been at least 10% more than desktop traffic since July 2022. 

United States mobile vs desktop vs tablet traffic market share

In other words, some customers may be using their mobile devices to access your store. By optimizing your product videos for mobile, you boost the experiences of these customers and increase their chances of conversions. 

5. Use descriptive titles

The titles of your videos should accurately describe their content. Also, use short titles that include a core keyword that customers may search for.

Adding video title in Videowise

6. Insert multiple videos on a product page

Adding different videos on your Shopify pages will help customers get a complete view of your product. Some examples include explainer videos, how-to videos, shoppable videos, testimonial videos, etc.

Getting started with Videowise

As you’ve seen, Videowise is a brilliant choice for adding videos to your Shopify pages. With Videowise, you can embed videos in bulk, add multiple videos to your store, have 5X faster pages, and collect data about your video performance.

If you run an eCommerce business, Videowise can help you save time and get useful data about your videos. Plus, Videowise helps you make sales. By using Videowise, some eCommerce brands see these results:

  • Up to 50X ROI in the first 30 days

  • 4X increase in time on site

  • Up to 328% boost in conversion rate 

Here’s what Artsabers, a customer that generated +$1.1M and up to 25% conversion rate, says about Videowise:

“As we are filming many videos every day, it was essential to find a solution to help us use our videos on the website without affecting our page speed. Videowise does it all - it engages, converts, and offers a great shopping experience to all visitors.”

To get started with Videowise, view our pricing page or book a demo