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7 Video Marketing Case Studies You Must Look at

7 Video Marketing Case Studies You Must Look at

Gurus on the internet will give you 100 reasons why you should use videos. But we’ve personally seen so many video marketing campaigns fail due to poor implementation.

To achieve success with video marketing, you need to do it right.

To inspire your campaign, I’ve put together seven successful video marketing case studies showcasing how different companies have used videos to hit their KPIs.

Let’s dive in.

7 amazing video marketing case studies

Let’s deep dive into some of the companies which are crushing it with video marketing.

The list includes:

  1. 1. Ava Estell

  2. 2. Dollar Shave Club

  3. 3. Ahrefs

  4. 4. GoPro

  5. 5. Coca-Cola

  6. 6. Peloton

  7. 7. Apolla

1. Ava Estell

Industry: Skincare

Ava Estell has become a leading brand focused on making people more confident in their skin tone. The brand caters to people with darker skin complexions and specific skin concerns. Ava Estell had two challenges to overcome:

  • Reduce their customers' research time by showing them the benefits their skincare products can deliver.

  • Use video content to create an interactive shopping experience without impacting website speed.

How has Ava Estell resolved these challenges using Videowise?

Ava Estell used Videowise, an eCommerce video marketing platform, to embed existing product videos on their Shopify store without any impact on page speed. These videos showed detailed product information (such as skin conditions they're for, before and after results of using their products, etc.), and each video was linked to their product pages.

Apart from product videos, they also used customer testimonial videos and video reviews to build trust among potential customers. They didn't stop there. With Videowise, the team imported Instagram Reels and TikTok videos and used them on their site, taking an efficient approach to video marketing.

Find video UGC_ava estell-thumb

The results

The Ava Estell team built trust among their audience by creating and using existing videos related to their products. The results they derived using Videowise are as follows:

  • They have generated more than £743K at an average conversion rate of 7% since February 2022.

  • Their conversion rate jumped up to 21% after embedding interactive product videos in their Shopify store.

  • Their on-site engagement was up 15.67%.


  • Don't limit your video content's reach by keeping it on one platform. Repurpose it or do cross-channel promotion to bring it in front of your audience.

  • Focus on the ultimate benefit but also related benefits. For instance, Ava Estell didn't just show the benefit of their product but also educated their audience by creating informative videos related to skincare concerns.

Intriguing? Read the Ava Estell complete case study here.

2. Dollar Shave Club

Industry: Retail

Dollar Shave Club started by selling razors for $1 and now offers services from head to toe. Basically, they help their customers groom well.

Dollar Shave Club has established its brand image as fun, clear, and witty, which is clearly evident across all its video marketing campaigns. They focus on delivering their message in the most subtle and relevant way possible.

For instance, in many videos, they use a scenario to build a narrative which is also a pain point for their potential customers. Then, they pitch their products.

Here's an example of one such video:

A glance at their YouTube channel will show you that the team has created different types of videos: From how-to groom well to product-led videos, there is a mix of related videos.

Their short video marketing strategies have earned them a subscriber base of 39k+ and thousands of views.


  • A strong understanding of your audience is crucial, as humorous content that works for Dollar Shave Club might not work with your audience.

  • Not every video you post will generate leads or engagement as you desire. Experiment and double down on videos that do.

3. Ahrefs

Industry: SaaS

Ahrefs is one of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools on the market. It initially started as a backlink analyzer and is now a full-fledged SEO tool. From keyword research to website organic ranking tracker, this search tool has become integral to every marketing tool stack.

Ahrefs uses YouTube marketing to create engaging video content such as explainer videos, product-led videos, and how-to videos related to SEO and content marketing. The majority of these videos aim to educate anyone starting out in these niches or who wants to boost their skills.

Apart from delivering value to their audience, the Ahrefs team has mastered the art of engaging their audience with a few tricks:

  • Creating consistent and eye-catching YouTube video thumbnails consistent with their brand voice and color. (The orange and blue color theme with Ahrefs standard font is easily recognizable)

  • Each thumbnail has a human face, which attracts more users.

  • Using short yet descriptive titles that give a gist of what the video will discuss.

Ahrefs YouTube videos snapshot

Apart from delivering unique videos, Ahrefs strategically interlink relevant videos to their home page to drive traffic from one medium to another. (Notice how they've used the same thumbnail in their blog post)

YouTube video on 'What is SEO' linked in Ahrefs blog post.

This video marketing strategy and putting their audience first has made them reach a subscriber base of 418k over the years, with each video generating thousands of views.


  • Don't underestimate the power of consistent branding, compelling video thumbnails, and eye-catching titles. Before your audience consumes your videos, they need a strong reason to watch them. All these nuances are the key to building that strong hook.

  • Create videos that cater to audiences at different stages in the marketing funnel by studying your audience deeply. Even though it might not generate leads, this approach will build brand authority.

4. GoPro

Industry: Retail

GoPro is a camera company that sells action cameras and software, and equipment. Professional photographers, sports professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts are the company's main target audience.

GoPro has cracked the code of creating thrilling and entertaining videos that create an immersive experience for the viewer. The majority of their videos are user-generated, meaning they're offering real experiences and insights to their potential customers - the ultimate form of social proof.

I was hooked throughout these 2:45 minutes of this person jumping off the cliff; completely nerve-wracking and captivating.

GoPro continues to invest in challenges to involve their community and promote their products. Their 2018 Million Dollar video marketing campaign was one such success. They chose to reward the winning creators with $1 million for creating highlight reels for their Hero7 Black camera series. It received 25,000 submissions, out of which 56 creators from 22 countries were selected. They not only engaged a large audience but also amassed 3M+ views across social media.

Have a sneak-peak at their challenge highlights. (How can you not find this content engaging?)


  • Zero in on user-generated content as you'll involve your audience, building trust and brand authority.

  • Keep your brand's values and messaging at the core of every video you create.

5. Coca-Cola

Industry: Retail

Coca-Cola is a multi-national brand serving carbonated soft drinks across the globe. A variety of drinks are offered by the company, including Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and others. The brand's mission revolves around creating moments of happiness in people's lives, which can be seen reflected in many of its video campaigns.

Coca-Cola has powered its video marketing strategy by focusing on creating a personal and emotional connection with its audience. Their videos focus on two things:

  • Emotional storytelling

Coca-Cola focuses on evoking strong emotions by building a relatable narrative that connects its audience with its campaigns. 

For instance, their Share a Coke video campaign launched across the globe in 2014 aimed to promote shared happiness by encouraging people to share their Coke with others. The campaign was so successful that another variation was adopted in the US -- Share a Coke and a song. (How can you not buy a Coke with your favorite son's lyrics on it, right?)

  • Paid collaborations

The Coca-Cola brand collaborates strategically with famous celebrities in their videos. As the brand's audience spans multiple countries, each collaboration features a celebrity well-known in that country. Further, the narrative they build in their videos reflects the geographic location of their audience.

For example, in India, they have collaborated with Diljit Dosanjh, a globally recognized singer, and famous cricketers such as MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. Some of the world's most recognized celebrities have worked with them, including Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, and Selena Gomez.

They featured Gigi Hadid in one of their videos, showing how their product, Coke, is at the center of every conversation.


  • You must choose celebrities or creators who have a lot of influence over your target market.

  • Think about the emotions your video will evoke in your audience as it will engage them and compel them to take the desired action.

6. Peloton

Industry: Exercise equipment

Peloton is an exercise and workout equipment company encouraging individuals to stay fit by offering treadmills, bikes, and workout accessories such as Dumbbells, Mats, Earplugs, and more. They sell a paid subscription to sell their classes and encourage their audience to work out consistently.

Peloton's video marketing strategy revolves around curated educational videos taught by professionals, such as strength classes, meditation, and cardio classes. Both on their website and mobile app, there is a huge collection of such videos.

On their mobile app, the videos take it even further due to gamification. Peloton's team created various challenges and rewards to encourage users to take classes and track their progress. The workout is marked as completed when a customer reaches 50% of the way through. This strategy has helped them grow subscriber engagement 2.65x over the last four fiscal years (June 2017 – June 2021).

Here is a snapshot of some of the video classes Peloton offers to its customers:


  • Become a part of your audience's life by offering them exactly what they need to get the best out of your products. (But in video format)

  • Use a challenge and reward model to encourage participation.

7. Apolla

Industry: Apparel and Footwear

Apolla is an all-female-owned company that aims to change how people buy and wear socks. Their target audience is dancers and choreographers.

One key challenge that the Apolla team faced was to highlight their product's value proposition in action to their target audience. The team wanted to offer an interactive and more immersive shopping experience to their audience by embedding videos directly on their Shopify store.

How has Apolla resolved these challenges using Videowise?

For Apolla, displaying videos was never an issue since their brand advocates and supporters have already gathered a lot of user-generated content. Videowise scraped Apolla's YouTube videos that showcased their products and automatically sort them with the right product list of their Shopify store.

Not only this, the videos were embedded with a purchase option below them, so it didn't interfere with the shopping experience. Cool, right?

Apolla video marketing results after using Videowise

The results

  • 21.47% video engagement and 9.94% video conversion rate with 90.54X ROI.

  • An increase in time-on-site with 63+ videos watched, an average of 2m 37s per video watched.

Check out the entire case study of Apolla and how they generated such tremendous results with Videowise.


  • People trust people. By showing them testimonials or reviews from people who have already used the product, and that too in the form of video content, you gain their confidence and trust.

  • Minimize friction points as Apolla did by embedding a purchase option below each video. On the same screen, the customer can experience the product in action and buy it instantly.

Drive unmatchable results: Get started with video marketing

All the video marketing case studies discussed above support driving business results using engaging and relevant video content. One key element that emerged from these case studies is that if you want a video marketing campaign to succeed, involve your audience. Whether it's by launching a challenge or encouraging testimonials, videos are revolutionizing the business world.

And, even a step further is interactive videos, as we see in the case of Ava Estell and Apolla. If you'd like to bring such an experience to your website, give Videowise a try today.