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Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions
Download your free copy now Is UGC gone? From Old-School UGC to Innovative Strategies Elevating Ads, Social Buzz, and Website Conversions

How to Engage and Increase Conversion Rates in Your Shopify Mobile App

How to Engage and Increase Conversion Rates in Your Shopify Mobile App

Shoppers expect seamless access to their favorite brands, and mobile apps are the key to unlocking this expectation. With 60% of consumers preferring mobile shopping apps over mobile sites due to better user experience, this presents a golden opportunity for your Shopify brand.

But a mobile app isn't just about convenience—it's about building lasting customer relationships, boosting sales, and building brand loyalty.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a complementary Shopify mobile app, the best platforms to help you set up your app, and how video integration within your Shopify mobile app can transform casual visitors into loyal brand advocates.

Why should you create a Shopify app store?

Having a Shopify app store complements your website and keeps your brand at the top of your customers' minds.

Once your customers download your app, they will see your brand almost whenever they open their phones.

And it’s not just about seeing your app.

If you have struggled to communicate with your customers, a Shopify mobile app helps you improve this aspect. It allows you to send push notifications for more effective customer messaging.

Just think about it. If your customer adds something to their cart but doesn’t make the purchase, you can send a notification on their phone encouraging them to buy the product they thought about but left behind.

Benefits of a Shopify app store

Below are some compelling reasons to create a Shopify app store for your business.

1. Increase your conversions

Before we dive into the long list of benefits, let’s talk about the one that matters most: Can a Shopify mobile app help you increase your conversions and earn more?

According to the below statistics, yes.Global retail conversion funnel, by channelCustomers shopping from a mobile app viewed 286% more products and added 85% more products to their shopping cart.

Plus, higher product exposure means higher conversion rates.

As a result, a mobile app converts 130% more than a mobile website, bringing you more sales.

With easy navigation, fast loading times, and secure payment options, apps encourage users to purchase quickly and efficiently.

2. Build a community

A Shopify mobile app can help you continue to grow a community around your brand in a much more active way than on your store website.

You can create features like forums, discussion boards, live chat support, or a place to upload UGC images and videos to engage your customers more with your brand and other users.

These functionalities will encourage customers to engage with your brand, share their experiences, connect with more loyal customers, and have a sense of belonging to your brand community.

Plus, making them stay more connected with your brand will increase the time spent on your app.

3. Build customer loyalty

According to a report on personalization by McKinsey, 71% of consumers expect brands to offer personalized experiences, and over ¾ of consumers report they feel frustrated when no personalization is offered.

With so many brands to choose from, customers can easily switch to another brand if you don’t build stronger customer relationships.

You can offer exclusive discounts, rewards, and personalized recommendations to encourage customers to continue buying from your brand and strengthen customer loyalty.

4. Increase retention

eCommerce apps have a 45% average retention rate after 30 days. This statistic shows that nearly half of users who download your mobile app continue to use it after 30 days.

If you add personalized shopping experiences to the mix, you can definitely increase your retention rate even more.

Through features like push notifications, in-app messaging, and order tracking, businesses can keep customers informed, engaged, and coming back for more.

Send personalized notifications about order updates, upcoming sales, or exclusive offers to keep users engaged and informed.

5. Grow your revenue & average order value 

A mobile app offers various revenue-generating opportunities.

Just think about upselling and cross-selling, subscription services, and targeted marketing campaigns that help you increase your revenue.

By suggesting related products, showcasing limited-time offers, and providing exclusive deals, businesses can encourage customers to spend more per transaction, increasing the AOV.

Some simple ways to increase the total purchase value include creating product packages, offering discounts for bulk purchases, or recommending upgraded products during checkout.

You can even showcase time-sensitive deals or flash sales to create a sense of urgency and prompt customers to make larger purchases.

7 Best Shopify mobile app builders

Building a native mobile app from scratch can be a complex and time-consuming process. 

Fortunately, Shopify app builders offer a user-friendly solution for businesses seeking to create a branded mobile app without extensive coding knowledge.

Let's see some of the top Shopify app builders to help you find the perfect fit for your needs:

1. Tapcart

Tapcart is a mobile app builder designed exclusively for Shopify merchants. Shopify store owners can easily create and launch iOS and Android mobile apps without coding.

This Shopify app builder supports a full suite of tools to enhance the shopping experience. 

Connect your favorite eCommerce apps like Firebase, AppsFlyer, Facebook, and Klaviyo.

Tapcart offers comprehensive solutions to create and enhance your Shopify app store:

  • Craft apps optimized for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring seamless accessibility across all mobile platforms.
  • Enjoy automatic synchronization with your Shopify store, ensuring real-time updates and changes are reflected in your mobile app instantly.
  • Benefit from a streamlined checkout process featuring prefilled shipping information, multiple payment providers, and a user-friendly single-page layout, facilitating smooth conversions for mobile customers.
  • Customize mobile app elements using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Custom Blocks, enabling you to manifest your brand's unique vision.
  • Drive app installs and deliver an immersive omnichannel experience with custom-branded QR Code widgets, enhancing customer engagement across channels.

One of their users wrote on the Shopify reviews:

“Tapcart is a great mobile app option for merchants that are looking to expand their means of marketing and selling points to customers! With it's ever-expanding customizations, integrations, and beginner-friendly drag & drop features, this app will easily become a core part of your business model without even realizing it!”

2. Vajro

Vajro is a Shopify mobile app builder that empowers businesses to create and oversee their own native mobile apps—all without requiring coding knowledge. The brand asserts that you can develop a fully functional mobile app within just 60 minutes.

Delivering a highly responsive and sleek mobile app experience, Vajro enables mobile users to navigate your Shopify store's products seamlessly.

Equipped with optimized features for both iOS and Android platforms, including live video selling on the app and Facebook page.

Here's what to anticipate in terms of features with Vajro's mobile app builder:

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface that empowers non-technical users to create mobile apps from inception to completion.
  • Vajro offers four ready-to-use templates spanning various industries—from fashion to food—ensuring businesses can align with their unique needs and branding effortlessly.
  • Seamlessly send push notifications to your mobile app users, keeping them informed about new products, sales, and promotions.
  • Customers can access iOS and Android apps via Apple ID, Facebook, Gmail, and even OTP, enhancing convenience and accessibility.
  • With support for 18 languages and 82 global currencies, Vajro facilitates localization, enabling extensive customization based on your target audience.

Shopify reviewers say that Vajro:

“My experience going from a Zoom call consult all the way through the build of the mobile app was amazing. Everything was explained so clearly to me, all questions were answered and I have full confidence going forward that the amazing support will continue, all while I have been set up for success with my new app!”

3. Reactiv

Reactiv connects to your Shopify storefront and backend, allowing you to effortlessly build a mobile app in minutes without needing a designer or developer. Reactiv does the work for you and lets you make final changes through our drag-and-drop builder. 

Brands who launch a mobile app not only see higher conversion rates when compared to mobile websites, but see those customers shop again and again. 

With Reactiv, you can cut through the noise by sending unlimited push notifications directly to customer’s phones without any additional cost. Want a custom feature in your app? 

Build it using our flexible SDK.

Feature list: 

  • Automatically build and launch an iOS and Android mobile app in minutes
  • Send unlimited push notifications directly to your customers' phones
  • Top-notch performance and seamless accessibility ensure a smooth and intuitive experience for your customers
  • Easily integrate your existing Shopify plugins 
  • With Reactiv Plus, build custom features on top of Reactiv’s SDK–the sky's the limit

4. Plobal Apps

As a Shopify Plus Certified mobile app provider, Plobal Apps seamlessly converts your Shopify store into a feature-rich mobile app, driving increased conversions and customer retention. Say goodbye to marketing noise with unlimited, personalized push notifications tailored to your audience.

Unlock access to an advanced mobile analytics sales tool, comprehensive integrations, and dedicated customer support guiding you every step of the way. Experience unprecedented growth as your sales soar and ad spend diminishes.

Key Features:

  • Custom, no-code mobile app design ensures seamless integration with the aesthetic of your Shopify store.
  • Advanced integrations enable effortless connectivity with existing Shopify integrations and plugins.
  • Utilize unlimited push notifications to recover abandoned carts, offer enticing discounts, and more.
  • Drive growth through insightful analytics, tracking in-app data to gain valuable insights into your audience.
  • Benefit from round-the-clock support from Shopify mobile app experts, facilitating easy app management and optimization.

Elaine Watson, Kupa’s CEO, says that:

“Empowered by a steadfast distribution network, we embarked on our digital journey with Probal Apps to align with changing consumer behaviors. Probal's Shopify mobile app played a pivotal role, elevating our sales and fostering customer loyalty through improved conversions.”

5. Apptile

With Apptile, you can build a visually stunning mobile app effortlessly,, even without coding or design expertise. 

The app helps you delight your customers with AI-driven personalization, seamless product merchandising, engaging content, and automated push notifications—all wrapped in a sleek, modern shopping app design. Their global team of app experts ensures you receive quick support whenever needed.

Apptile can help your brand:

  • Build an on-brand mobile app with stunning designs and limitless customization.
  • Boost conversions with immersive content experiences and customizable PDP/PLP.
  • Send hyper-personalised media-rich push notifications to boost conversions.
  • Deliver a personalized touch with AI-powered dynamic tiles for better retention.
  • Connect your favorite Shopify apps & automation with one-click integrations.

Among their reviews on Shopify, one of their users said

“Apptile is a fantastic and very fast way to build a mobile application for your Shopify website. Its intuitive design and expert team make it very quick and painless to broaden your market to include mobile app users. Additionally, they publish the app very quickly, and you can deploy it onto their developer platform before publishing through yours.”

6. Shopney

Shopney stands out as a comprehensive Shopify app builder dedicated to enhancing the mobile shopping experience for online businesses. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it a favorite among brands seeking to effortlessly optimize their mobile eCommerce presence.

What sets this app builder apart is its in-app chat feature, eliminating the need for shoppers to wait for email responses regarding their inquiries.

With real-time responses, you can elevate the quality of your customer service and foster personalized marketing conversations.

In addition to the in-app chat functionality, Shopney offers a range of valuable features:

  • Customize layouts to create a mobile app that aligns perfectly with your brand image.
  • The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface empowers anyone to build a mobile app without the need for coding or design expertise.
  • Tailor the app name, logo, and colors to mirror your unique business identity, ensuring a professional and cohesive user experience.
  • Enjoy complimentary push notification credits with no additional fees or plan upgrades required.
  • Seamlessly integrate your preferred apps with your Shopify store, including Google, Facebook, and Klaviyo, to streamline your digital marketing efforts.

Shopney user Rowen, writes on the site's homepage:

“Fast support, really helpvful! Best way to quickly get your own store app! I would recommend that Shopify store owners give it a try; it's really good!”

7. OneMobile

With OneMobile, you can create efficient iOS & Android mobile apps.

Choose from a vast selection of app themes, swiftly customize them using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and leave the submission process to our technical team for seamless publication on the App Store & Google Play Store. 

Additionally, gain access to automated push notifications and a range of add-ons designed to enhance your mobile app's conversion rates.

OneMobile also offers tailored mobile app customization services to meet your advanced requirements.

It can help you: 

  • Customize your mobile app effortlessly with our collection of ready-made themes and intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Seamlessly integrate with analytics, marketing, and other essential tools for your mobile app.
  • Utilize OneMobile's Developer Account for hassle-free publication of your mobile app, saving both time and costs.
  • Send unlimited, targeted push notifications based on customer's historical data, enhancing engagement and conversion.
  • Receive dedicated support throughout the process of building, customizing, and successfully submitting your mobile app.

On Shopify reviews, one of their users says:

“I am extremely impressed with the work done by the OneMobile. Its ability to develop functional and intuitive applications is truly remarkable. The user interface is elegant and easy to navigate, providing a positive experience for users. Additionally, the support team is extremely responsive and dedicated to resolving any issues or questions that may arise.”

Bonus: Why should you join Shop.app – Shopify’s Mobile Marketplace

Designed to streamline the shopping journey, Shop empowers customers to breeze through checkout, track their orders and shipments, and reconnect with beloved brands—all in one convenient platform. 

But Shop isn't just about simplifying transactions—it also helps businesses manage and optimize their brand's presence effectively.

With Shop, businesses can leverage personalized product recommendations and in-app features to engage customers and drive repeat purchases. 

By enhancing brand visibility and offering seamless integration with Shopify, Shop empowers businesses to improve their online presence and maximize their growth potential.

With Shop, you can:

  • Boost sales with Shop Pay's accelerated checkout feature and foster trust with the 'Track with Shop' button, enhancing order tracking transparency. 
  • Customize your storefront with brand-specific assets and leverage personalized product recommendations to engage and retain customers effectively.
  • Evaluate Shop's impact on your business with comprehensive performance analytics, enabling informed decision-making and strategic optimization.

But don't just take our word for it—see what users say about Shop in Shopify reviews.

“The real-time synchronization between my Shopify store and the Shop Channel App is truly impressive. Any changes I make to product details, inventory, or pricing on Shopify are instantly reflected on the app. This not only saves me time but also eliminates the risk of discrepancies between the online store and the app, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for customers.”

Take your Shopify mobile app to the next level with videos

Revolutionize your customer engagement and skyrocket sales with videos in your Shopify app store.

Videos are captivating. They grab attention and keep users glued to their screens.

Showcase product demos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or glowing customer testimonials - all brought to life by dynamic video.  This irresistible format invites users to delve deeper into your app.

By integrating videos, you entice customers to linger, leading to increased engagement and more opportunities to discover and purchase your products.

Videos can help you recreate your social media and website experience, creating a seamless brand journey no matter what device users choose.

Take True Classic, for example - their app, desktop, and mobile site offer a unified experience thanks to the power of video.Shopify mobile app example

Benefits of video integration in Shopify mobile apps

Some of the most evident benefits of having videos integrated into your Shopify mobile app are the ones we mentioned down below:

  1. Showcase your products like never before. Videos bring your offerings to life, letting customers see features and benefits. They'll gain a deeper understanding that static images just can't provide.

  2. Captivate your audience and keep them coming back. Engaging videos grab attention and encourage shoppers to delve deeper into your app. This translates to higher engagement rates and improved user retention – a win-win for your business.

  3. Videos improve your conversion rates. Compelling video content influences purchasing decisions, driving higher conversion rates for your Shopify store.

Reach, engage, convert: Maximize sales potential with a Shopify mobile app

Creating a Shopify mobile app is no longer a luxury but a strategic move to capture the mobile-first audience.

By offering a seamless shopping experience, building brand loyalty through personalization, and leveraging the power of video integration, your Shopify app can become a thriving hub for customer engagement and skyrocketing sales.

Ready to level up your Shopify brand? Explore the mobile app builders mentioned above, or start with video integration today.

Watch your customer relationships flourish, brand loyalty soar, and your sales reach new heights!