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How to Create eCommerce UGC Videos at Scale

In today’s eCommerce landscape, consumers think authentic UGC videos are the most trustworthy content, so integrating them on eCommerce websites is no longer a nice to have but a necessity.

Businesses are now putting more effort into strategizing where to source UGC and how to use them in their marketing campaigns. This guide will go over the benefits of UGC for eCommerce brands, where brands can find UGC, and how to create eCommerce UGC videos at scale.

But first, what are eCommerce user-generated content videos (UGC)?

Put simply, UGC video is any content created by users on behalf of a brand. Online users create UGC videos when they review a product or a service.

Then eCommerce brands can harvest these content and repurpose them for their own marketing efforts.

Currently, these are the types of UGC videos that work best for eCommerce stores:

  • Product reviews

  • Testimonials from customers

  • Social media posts

  • YouTube vlogs

  • TikToks.

Just for additional context, here are some examples of how brands use UGC in their overall marketing strategy.

eCommerce store Dr. Dennis Gross automatically embedded unique UGC videos on 140 product pages instead of only focusing on product images. Besides showing customers who have experienced product benefits firsthand, these videos establish trust and credibility in the brand.

Dr Dennis Gross UGC videos

Meanwhile, Crossnet has the privilege of being tagged by online users quite often. So they’re able to share a variety of UGC videos on their website.

HubSpot Video


How to create eCommerce UGC videos at scale

1. Understand your audience and know your UGC goals

Before diving into UGC video creation, knowing your target audience and setting clear objectives is crucial. Your goals should align with your business objectives and the needs and preferences of your audience. So, who are your ideal customers, and what are their preferences? 

Once you know everything about your audience, clearly define your UGC goals, such as increasing product visibility, improving conversions, or building brand loyalty based on emotional connection.

2. Encourage UGC video creation

Make it effortless for your customers to share their videos. Implement user-friendly features like dedicated UGC submission forms on your website or social media channels.

A recent study from Tint says that 68.2% of marketers agree social contests and campaigns boost engagement and conversions, so you can incentivize users by offering discounts and rewards or running UGC contests.

  • Offer discounts. Provide a coupon code for their next purchase, offer a percentage discount, or provide loyalty points that can be redeemed.

  • Run UGC video contests with enticing prizes. Encourage users to create videos around a specific theme or challenge related to your products. The best entries can win substantial prizes, such as cash rewards, exclusive products, or a featured spot on your website.

  • Offer exclusivity. Another way of encouraging UGC video creation is by providing exclusive access or early access to new products or collections for customers who contribute to UGC videos. This creates a sense of belonging and privilege.

We should not exclude partnering with influencers or micro-influencers in your niche to create UGC videos. Offer them compensation or free products in exchange for featuring your products in their content. A UGC video collaboration with influencers can also help you expand your reach to their followers.

You should also create a sense of community among your customers. Encourage them to engage with each other's UGC videos by liking, commenting, and sharing. Create a supportive environment where customers inspire each other to participate.

Remember that the key to effective UGC incentives is to align them with your brand and the desires of your target audience. That’s why understanding your audience is essential.

3. Provide clear guidelines for UGC video creation

You can create clear guidelines for UGC video submissions to maintain brand consistency. These guidelines cover aspects like lighting, video quality, and effectively showcasing your products. 

You can also explain what type of content you're looking for, any specific video format or length requirements, and the benefits of sharing (e.g., the chance to be featured on your website or social media). Setting all the expectations ensures that UGC videos align with your brand.

If you create a dedicated UGC submission form on your website, it should be user-friendly and easy to locate. Place them prominently on product pages or create a separate "Share Your Experience" section. To make the process as easy as possible, ensure that the form allows users to upload videos directly.

As 79% of shoppers used their phones to purchase in 2023 and most people prefer to create a video on their phone, optimizing your submission forms for mobile devices is mandatory. Many users access websites and social media from smartphones, so the submission process must be seamless on mobile.

4. Promote UGC video creation on social media

Your social media channels are powerful platforms for promoting UGC video creation. Showcase examples of UGC videos to inspire your audience and make them more comfortable with the idea of sharing their content.

You can also create unique, branded hashtags for customers to share their videos. These hashtags help you track and gather UGC content effectively. Encourage customers to include these hashtags in their submissions.

Once you gather all these UGC videos (UGC product reviews, UGC testimonials, before-and-after, or unboxing UGC videos), integrate them into a video platform such as Videowise to leverage them on your eCommerce website.

5. Engage with your customers

People like to know there are people behind a brand, so humanize your brand by showing appreciation for UGC video submissions. Engaging with your customers will resonate deeply with your audience and build trust. Simply take time and respond to their videos with comments, likes, and shares.

When you engage with customers by commenting on their UGC videos, you acknowledge their time and effort in creating content for your brand. This recognition makes customers feel valued and appreciated, strengthening their connection to your brand.

When customers see their efforts are appreciated and recognized, they are more likely to create and share additional UGC videos. This can create a positive feedback loop, where increased participation leads to more content, attracting more customers to participate.

6. Request permission to use UGC videos on your website

Before using UGC videos in your marketing campaigns, always seek permission from the creators. This step is essential to ensure you can legally use their content.

According to TaggBox, businesses are permitted to use UGC content in cases like hashtag campaigns as customers willingly participate in the hashtag campaign, allowing brands to use that content to increase their social media presence.

This changes when you want to take the UGC videos outside of social media and use them in other marketing campaigns or on your website.

You can request permission by sending the UGC creators a direct message, an email, or a comment on their post. Explain why you want to use their content, how you plan to use it, and where you will credit them. Ensure you get a clear and positive response from them before proceeding. They gladly offer permission if they already like your product or services.

7. Showcase UGC videos on your website

Now that you have a large library of UGC videos select the best UGC videos that resonate with your brand's image and messaging and embed them on your website. 

  • UGC Video dedicated page. You can create a dedicated UGC section to showcase these videos on your website. This demonstrates that you value your customers' contributions and are a source of social proof for potential customers.

  • Insert UGC videos on product pages. Don’t be shy and insert UGC videos on your product pages to show potential customers satisfied clients talking about the product’s benefits and usage.

  • Make shoppable UGC videos. Step further and transform these videos into shoppable UGC videos to reduce purchase hesitation, making potential shoppers purchase from the video with one click.

How-to videos

8. Scale up the UCG video embedding process

Consider using a video platform that lets you keep your videos in collections based on the type of videos you have, such as UGC, product, interactive, etc. This will help you be organized and find everything in seconds. 

Videowise can help you with video organization using categories and tags, but it also helps you with scale distribution. Automation can significantly ease the burden of managing large volumes of content.

Here’s how True Classic meticulously categorized its videos to ensure streamlined accessibility and efficient management. As it continues to scale, its video content remains organized by tags and folders with advanced filtering based on video analytics.

True Classic video library

9. Measure UGC video performance

Tracking the performance of your UGC video campaign is essential for understanding its impact and making data-driven decisions to enhance its effectiveness.

Some metrics you can focus on using a platform like Videowise are engagement rates, conversion rates, and sales associated with UGC videos.

Regularly monitoring these metrics allows you to adapt and refine your UGC video campaign to meet your objectives better. It enables you to identify areas that need improvement, capitalize on successful content, and optimize your overall strategy. Ultimately, data-driven decisions ensure that your UGC video campaign remains relevant and resonates with your target audience.

Claudiu Video Analytics

10. Scale up your UGC video content

If you accumulate more UGC videos and witness positive engagement and conversion rates, scale up your UGC video campaign.

The scaling up may involve increasing incentives, expanding UGC promotion efforts, or incorporating UGC into marketing channels beyond your store, such as social media or email campaigns.

Doing so can further help your brand awareness, increase sales, and build continuous trust in your brand.

One important thing to remember is to ensure that UGC videos consistently align with your brand's image and values throughout your campaign. Consistency reinforces your brand identity.

11. Ask for feedback

Suppose your customers were eager to create UGC videos to get promotions, discounts, or exclusive offers, as mentioned earlier. In that case, it’s time to collect feedback regarding their UGC video creation experience. 

This feedback will help you refine your UGC strategy continually based on their experience and their needs as customers.

12. Stay agile

Continuously adapt and evolve your UGC video strategy based on your customer's preferences. Your audience is dynamic, and what appeals to it today might not resonate tomorrow. Staying agile allows you to remain relevant and effective in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Monitor the shifts in shoppers’ minds based on emerging trends, platforms where they spend most of their time, and preferred content formats.

Unlock the true potential of eCommerce UGC videos for your brand

Creating eCommerce UGC videos at scale requires dedication and a commitment to engaging with your audience. 

By effectively encouraging and showcasing UGC video content on your website and off-site campaigns, you can build an authentic online community around your brand, build trust, drive sales, and achieve your business goals.