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Shopify Customer Experience - How to Drive Retention & Lifetime Value [eBook]

Together with Okendo, Videowise, and other partners have created an eBook about what customer experience is, how it builds trust, satisfies shopper needs, and leverages customer feedback, all the way to optimizing your CX delivery to drive retention and lifetime value. Find everything you need including insightful quotes from industry experts who share tips and strategies for optimizing your CX.

In today’s society having a great customer experience can be a differentiating factor that determines the success of a business, as customers expect high value from their interactions with a brand or company.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience refers to your customer's overall perception of your brand or business. It covers all customer interactions with your social accounts, website, buying process, and customer service. All these factors also impact their repurchasing decision. 

The benefits of having a great CX are not exclusive to the shoppers but to the brand as well. Providing your shoppers with flawless experiences increases your chances of building customer loyalty and growing your customer lifetime value. Furthermore, your loyal customers can quickly become your brand advocates to spread the word about your business and encourage others to buy from you, increasing revenue.

Given the current economic climate where the higher prices are causing buyers to spend less often, CX is something to pay attention to. In addition, businesses should reinforce customer relationships and optimize and monitor their experiences to improve customer lifetime value.

Okendo ebook

Building the Ultimate Shopify Customer Experience highlights

  • What is customer experience, and why it’s important for Shopify sellers

  • How to use online reviews to build trust between customers and your brand 

  • How to meet customer expectations by offering power over purchasing decisions

  • How to create a seamless purchase experience with shipping and returns 

  • How to personalize the customer experience with strategies to improve the experience based on customer feedback 

This eBook can help you

  • Create authentic experiences for your shoppers by leveraging customer reviews.

  • Reduce purchase friction, and boost conversions and sales with the help of shoppable videos.

  • Learn how to use micro-surveys to understand what’s important to your customers.

  • Improve customer retention with subscriptions.

  • Offer alternative payment options as a loyalty and conversion tool.

  • Create smooth sailing for shipment tracking and returns.

  • Create the best in class customer service.

  • Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

  • Improve customer experience with effective fraud prevention.

Learn more about the strategies you can use to create a customer journey that satisfies your shoppers after all interactions by downloading a copy of the Shopify customer experience - How to drive retention & lifetime value eBook.

Building the Ultimate Shopify Customer Experience

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