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Product Spotlight: New Widget Carousel Components Unveiled

Product Spotlight: New Widget Carousel Components Unveiled

We're here with a series of new widget components designed to elevate your video capabilities  for a more engaging viewer experience.

Traditional video presentation can become predictable and may not fully capture audience attention. Imagine your website visitors experiencing a predictable video display, potentially leading to disinterest and reduced engagement. In response to the challenge of engaging video content presentation, we've introduced several new widget components designed for an intuitive and highly engaging experience.

Meet our latest innovation - the Video Carousel Landscape/Portrait Overlapping Component

This versatile carousel seamlessly blends landscape and portrait video content, creating an immersive and dynamic viewing experience.

Its primary objective is to create more immersive, memorable, and engaging videos, leading to increased engagement, more memorable content, and ultimately, better results for you. 

Check out how one of our clients, Sacheu Beauty, leverages our Video Carousel Portrait Overlapping widget on their homepage to present their innovative products in a captivating and dynamic manner.


Shop Masc, on the other hand, decided to integrate the Video Carousel Landscape Overlapping on their collection page to showcase their beauty products in action.

Experience the impact of our Video Carousel Highlight Landscape/Portrait Widget

Imagine presenting videos that fail to highlight their essence, resulting in a less engaging viewer experience.

Our Video Carousel Highlight Landscape/Portrait Widget is designed to provide a visually striking and personalized video experience aligned with user preferences, elevating engagement, increasing efficiency, and introducing a degree of personalization to the video experience, whether in landscape or portrait mode.

Discover how Spongelle, a valued client, seamlessly integrates the Video Carousel Highlight Portrait on their homepage. Immerse yourself in their community videos, carefully curated to showcase the experiences shared by the Spongelle community. 

That's a Wrap: Unveiling Video Components for an Immersive Experience!

We hope these new video components will deliver a richer, more immersive experience to your audience. Discover the latest components by logging in to your account. If you're not already a Videowise customer, you can request a demo to get started with a free trial.