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Product Review Videos: The Ultimate Guide

Product Review Videos: The Ultimate Guide

Product review videos work like a charm.

When potential customers see a real person praising your product they’re more likely to purchase it.

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into what product review videos are, why customers love them, best practices, and where to implement them on your website.

Let’s get started.

What are product review videos?

Product review videos are videos in which content creators and customers review products and share their opinions about them. They share how the product looks, feels, and works. 

Here are a few reasons why customers love product review videos:

  • People like seeing a product in action: whether it's a camera, face cream, or toy, people want to see how it works. Product review videos give them a better idea of how the product will look and feel. This way, they can make an informed decision while purchasing. 

  • Product review videos build trust: reading a good review is one thing. But with product review videos, customers see your product's functionality. When they see it working, they trust it more. 

  • You can address customers’ concerns through videos: video reviewers can address the limitations of your product and offer workarounds for specific issues. This way, you can alleviate any hesitations or doubts your customers may have about the product.  

Best practices to implement product review videos on your eCommerce site 

With these best practices, you can make sure that your product review videos help you achieve maximum ROI. Let’s jump in. 

  1. 1. Establish clear goals and KPIs 

When you create product review videos for social media, going viral is the most sought-after goal. But you can’t aim for virality while implementing videos on your eCommerce site. On a website, the goals and KPIs are different. 

Here are some goals and KPIs you can target while implementing product review videos on your website: 



Increase conversion rates

  • Video views
  • Click through rates
  • Conversion rates 
  • Average order value

Enhance Customer Trust and Confidence

  • Customer feedback and sentiment analysis
  • Increase in positive product reviews
  • Decrease in negative product reviews
  • Repeat purchase rates
  • Customer satisfaction scores 

Boost User Engagement

  • Video engagement metrics 
  • Social media shares 
  • User-generated content submissions
  • Time spent on website/page
  • Bounce rates
  • Return visitor rates 

Please note that the specific goals and KPIs may vary depending on the objectives and priorities of your eCommerce website. This table will help you define your goals and relevant KPIs when implementing product review videos.

  1. 2. Add user-generated videos

Product reviews work best when they come from your customers. See how Dr. Squatch uses User Generated Content on its website. 

Dr Squatch UGCSource: Dr. Squatch

Each of these is a short video recorded by product users who share their experiences. These raw, unfiltered videos seem relatable to your website visitors and make them more likely to buy.

Daniel Chabert, CEO & Founder of PurpleFire, says,

“Buyers are savvy and can easily pick up on overly scripted or promotional reviews. One of my robust projects involved a clothing brand that was struggling to mark its footprint in the digital realm. The implementation of authentic, spontaneous product reviews dramatically improved their conversions. Over a six-month period post-implementation, they recorded a 30% increase in sales attributable to the product review videos.”

You, too, should encourage users to share their experiences. Incentivize users who share product reviews. Encourage them to record and share video reviews with promo codes, freebies, and discounts.

You can do this by setting up a rewards program. Provide clear guidelines regarding the content and format so your customers understand what aspects of the product they should cover and how long the video should be.

Once the videos start coming in, monitor them regularly. Ensure they meet quality standards. Then, add the approved videos to your website and share rewards with their creators. 

  3. Create video categories 

If your company sells more than one product, you should categorize product review videos on your website. As in your case, all customers don’t necessarily need the same product. They come with unique requirements. 

Video categories will let them explore the product on their own. See how Lone Wolf Paintball does it: 

Video categories Lone Wolf Paintball

Source: Lone Wolf Paintball

They’ve dedicated a separate page to product reviews, where they attach various review videos. These categories lead customers to a specific product review they’re looking for.

This prevents customers from unnecessarily scrolling through the website and dropping out after watching too many videos. They can select their preferred category, watch a review and proceed to checkout if they like the product.

  4. Add a call to action 

Adding videos to your website aims to get the audience to engage with your content or buy your product. 

Don’t stop at embedding videos. Add creative calls to action to persuade users to take action. 

These actions can be: 

  • Subscribe to the newsletter 

  • Download a guide

  • Visit a landing page 

  • Buy the product

  5. Add shoppable videos 

Do you know what’s better than a call to action? A link to buy. Shoppable videos help with just that. 

They have a direct link to purchase the product. Customers can click links and directly make a purchase. 

See what the links look like: 

shoppable video

Source: Dr. Squatch

The “Add to Cart” button directly leads to the checkout page, where customers can pay and buy the product. 

How to Implement Shoppable Videos on Your Website with Videowise?

Here’s how Videowise helps you lead your target customer to the last part of the funnel - sale: 

  • Sell on the spot with on-site shoppable videos. 

83% of online customers say that interactive videos, such as videos with click-to-purchase links, are helpful when they shop. Add shoppable links to your product review videos, allowing your viewers to buy directly from the video.  

  • Capture attention with Omnichannel shoppable videos.

Omnichannel eCommerce is the future. Share your video links anywhere on the web - SMS, emails, WhatsApp messages, web page, and video playlists from QR codes on your orders. Market your product left, right, and center so it’s always on top of your customer's minds. 

  • Engage viewers with on-brand design.

No third-party logos, watermarks, or annoying ads. Videowise shoppable videos are free from any outsider markings. Your videos are only yours - no conditions applied. 

  • Build trust with user-generated content.

We don’t have the resources to create videos or want to bring customer perspectives to the limelight - we have you covered. With Videowise, you can find and share positive user-generated content from YouTube on your website. Add product links to convert these videos into shoppable videos. No ads, no logo, just pure user-generated content on your website. 

  • Track progress with video analytics.

Keep improving your video marketing campaign with video analytics. Track video conversions, number of sales by devices, on-site engagement, and average order value per shopper, so always stay updated with the performance of your videos. 

Where to implement product review videos in your store? 

Your website has various pages where you can implement product review videos to get your customers' attention. But these two pages work super well:

  • Homepage

  • Product Page

  • Testimonials Page

Let’s see why. 

  • Homepage: Your homepage is the first thing your customers see on your website. So, capturing their attention right there and then goes a long way. 

  • Product page: It’s where your customers check out your products. It’s better to add product review videos there so they can see your product in action and make a better, more informed decision. 

  • Testimonial page: Display your videos alongside written testimonials on your website. This way, your customers will instantly recognize your review video as a testimonial and click to watch it. 

Maximize sales with product review videos

Now that you know how product review videos lead to more sales, it’s time to put them to work. Add review videos to your website with Videowise. It provides end-to-end video infrastructure to share shoppable videos on your website. You can also track sales and engagement with robust analytics. 

So, why wait? Connect with Videowise today to get more sales through videos on your website.