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goPure Beauty Success Story with Videowise and Insense

goPure Beauty Success Story with Videowise and Insense

Step into the world of the beauty industry triumphs with the success story of goPure Beauty.

In this journey, we're about to uncover the impactful role that Videowise and InSense played in propelling goPure Beauty to new heights.

Join us as we unravel the narrative of innovation, growth, and customer engagement that defines goPure Beauty's journey.

About goPure Beauty

goPure Beauty is a growing, direct-to-consumer skincare brand committed to helping people live their best, confident lives.

Individuals seeking effective skincare solutions face a dilemma between 100% organic products offering safety without delivering remarkable results and expensive dermatology-grade creams filled with toxic ingredients.

ln 2017, goPure emerged as a transformative force, disrupting the status quo by introducing clean and safe formulas enriched with potent and effective Active Ingredients. 

Founded by a dynamic husband and wife team with extensive experience in the beauty industry, goPure garnered a devoted following. goPure’s dedicated customer base places unwavering trust in the brand's promise to create safe and transformative products.

This trust is foundational to every aspect of product formulation, ensuring that goPure consistently delivers on its commitment to promoting radiant and healthy skin.

The challenge

goPure Beauty encountered a series of challenges that demanded innovative solutions.

  1. Optimizing content creation costs

    As a smaller brand, goPure needed a cost-effective solution for generating a substantial volume of influencer and user-generated content (UGC) for diverse marketing channels.


  2. Effective communication of rebranding

    During a rebrand, goPure had to communicate changes in visual identity, relying on customer opinions to reassure about product quality.

  3. Establishing trust and credibility

    In a dynamic beauty industry, gaining trust was critical. goPure aimed to incorporate social proof through user testimonials to build authenticity and trust.

  4. Increasing user engagement

    Recognizing the power of user opinions, goPure sought to enhance engagement by incorporating shopper testimonials, creating a sense of community.

Through strategic partnerships with Videowise and InSense, goPure overcame these challenges and achieved UGC content generation success and remarkable video conversion rates.

The solution

goPure Beauty sought solutions to amplify its presence and engage with its audience on a grand scale.


  1. Scale UGC video creations

    goPure Beauty provided Insense with a storyline and questions for influencers to address in its 20-30-second videos, such as discussing the outcomes of using the product and highlighting favorite features. For product photos, goPure requested two types: one featuring the influencer with the product and one showcasing the product alone.

  2. Shoppable UGC video carousels on PDPs

    Videowise's shoppable UGC video carousels on product pages significantly enhanced engagement, providing an authentic view of the brand's products and conveying efficacy.

  3. Distribution at scale

    Utilizing Videowise's bulk action feature, goPure efficiently deployed UGC videos across best-selling products, saving time and ensuring a seamless user experience.

The results

Scale UGC content production

goPure collaborated with 160+ influencers in just two months, yielding 147 product reviews at no cost. By doing so, goPure effectively scaled its UGC content production and generated a stream of engaging content for its marketing funnel with a single marketer.

Video Conversion Rate and ROI

The video conversion rate of video-engaged shoppers reached an impressive 26%, contributing to an exceptional Return on Investment (ROI) of 204X. Shoppable videos generated 1,705 orders, surpassing $200K in revenue.

Viewer Engagement Metrics

Each shopper spent 40 seconds watching videos, engaging with two videos on average. The videos reached 28,067 views, resulting in an added on-site time totaling 296 hours, showcasing the impact of engaging content on user interaction.


You can click on the image below to download and read the entire case study.

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