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The eCommerce New Year's Resolutions List You Need to Consider

The eCommerce New Year

Let's face it: most New Year's Resolutions don't make it past the February. Gym memberships are left forgotten (somewhere between running shoes and the spider webs under the bed), salad ingredients end up as side dishes for burgers, and the comfort zone draws us back into its sweet, sweet embrace as soon as the fumes of the New Year excitement fade off.

One type of resolutions you should definitely not forget about?

The ones related to your eCommerce.

Not sure yet where to take your eCommerce goals for 2022?

Read on and find out more.

Resolution #1: Tame the eCommerce Technology Jungle

We all know eCommerce is a booming business, and, even as consumers, we've come to expect certain technologies such as live chat, shipping notifications, and so on.

But with the huge number of eCommerce tools available - each promising to be 'the best at something', it's hard to keep track of what technology will actually make things easier for you in the long run. This can easily turn into an eCommerce nightmare.

But eCommerce technology should be seen as your eCommerce partner, not an eCommerce monster that'll eat up all your time and money. The trick is to adapt different eCommerce technologies to suit you - instead of being changed by them.

Resolution #2:  Show eCommerce Customers the eCommerce Light

As eCommerce businesses fiercely compete for online shoppers, they tend to forget about a very important element: eCommerce customer experience.

Which is a bit like forgetting the point of having a new house built in the first place - it's not just about putting up walls and roofs, but allowing eCommerce customers to go from eCommerce A to eCommerce B without tripping on their eCommerce feet along the way.

So make sure your eCommerce business isn't an eCommerce cave. Show your eCommece customers some love by making them feel safe and secure while completing their eCommece journey. That way, you can be sure they will not only come back for more, but maybe (fingers crossed!) also recommend you to some of their peers.

What this means, in translation, is that if there's something you should try really hard in 2022, it's making the customer journey as easy as possible. Just in case you're wondering how to do that, we pulled together a Product Page Optimization guide for Shopify store owners in 2022. Although it's definitely not the only thing you should do, product page optimization will still play a very important role in making your customers' journey a smooth, hassle-free one.

Resolution #3: Feel the rhythm of the eComm scene

To say eCommerce is booming would be a severe understatement. This is a market projected to reach a staggering $6,300 billion by 2023 (which, surprisingly enough for many of us, it's actually one year away from now).

With great power comes great responsibility -- and also a great deal of novelty, innovation, trends that come and go, and, overall, shifting tides you need to learn how to ride.

Feeling the rhythm of the eComm scene is essential if you're a Shopify store owner. So make sure to subscribe to all the newsletters, podcasts, and YouTube channels that inspire you to grow your business (ahem, cough, cough, hope we get on that list too!).

Resolution 4:  More Video

OK, we're not just saying this because VideoWise is a video marketing app for Shopify stores. But video is really, really important in 2022. With more than half of people consuming more video than written content, it's clear that you can't actually escape video marketing -- and much less as an eCommerce business owner.

The fact that video marketing works in eCommerce is not just pure speculation. Just take a look at some of our case studies and learn more about how brands like Grill Rescue, Rong Rong, and Faces Canada have boosted their on-page time, SEO, and conversion rates.

Just sayin' , video should totally be part of your eCommerce strategy this year. 😎