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Top 3 Ways To Make Influencer-Produced Content Last Longer

Many Shopify brands use various social media channels to promote their products, but Instagram is one of the most effective places to do so. 

And with today’s influx of influencers helping brands produce top-notch content, it’s easier than ever to generate authentic, sales-driving material for the platform. In fact, today 67% of brands employ influencers on Instagram to help with their marketing efforts.

This isn’t a small undertaking, either. Instagram stories present the most affordable option, with data showing most influencers charge between $100 (micro-influencers) to $1,200 (macro-influencers) per story.

According to Instagram, 4 million businesses use ads in Stories. Unfortunately, research indicates that an Instagram Story's average reach is approximately 7.2% of an Instagram account’s followers. This number can dip even lower depending on the industry.

Therefore, since brands send free products and pay influencers to create the content as well, it makes sense that they should work to maximize the mileage of that material (as well as their potential return on their investment.)

When it comes to Stories, the good news is that this content can still be used once the 24-hour window ends.

It starts with an influencer marketing strategy that continues to generate ROI well after the content has initially been posted either as an Instagram story or post. Here’s what you need to know about making influencer-produced content last longer on Instagram.

How to make influencer-produced content last longer on Instagram

Making Instagram content last longer helps get it in front of more people. Here are three tactics to help prolong your Instagram stories and other influencer-generated content.

1. Adapt existing content for new use

When done creatively, you can repurpose your influencer marketing campaigns and use them over and over again. Content repurposing is powerful because it helps you reiterate your message while boosting SEO efforts. 51% of marketers find content updating and repurposing to be effective marketing tactics.

You can also use pieces from other platforms and transform them into Instagram content, such as:

  • Turning blog post series into an Instagram guide
  • Screenshotting tweets from influencers 
  • Resizing YouTube videos for Instagram
  • Producing teasers and clips from YouTube videos
  • Highlighting the best of your Instagram content in your Story Highlights
  • Using Instagram Carousels to share longer-form written content from other platforms

It's amazing how many ways you can approach this if you think outside the box. 

Pro Tip: Identify the top-performing influencer-produced posts and stories from your Instagram data if you’re having trouble deciding which to use for content repurposing.

2. Use influencer marketing campaigns to stir up user-generated content

An easy way to increase the lifespan of your influencer marketing efforts is to have influencers participate in user-generated content (UGC) hashtag contests. 

It’s fairly common for brands to hold contests using hashtags to increase brand awareness, but having an influencer spearhead this campaign can help cement its success. More than 71% of marketers agree that influencer marketing provides better quality traffic and customers than other marketing methods.

“Influencer-made video makes positioning your brand easier. This format gets influencers to show the context surrounding your products—who it’s for, when it’s used, how it’s used, when it’s used—and all of that highlights why you’re different.”

Roger Figueiredo

VP of Marketing, #paid

“Influencer-made video makes positioning your brand easier. This format gets influencers to show the context surrounding your products—who it’s for, when it’s used, how it’s used when it’s used—and all of that highlights why you’re different.”

 -Roger Figueiredo, VP of Marketing at Hashtagpaid

Influencers can reach more people through their larger network, generating more high-quality UGC. And it’s also a great way to ensure that your collaboration lasts longer than a single post.

Here’s one example: As part of an Instagram giveaway, HoMedics partnered with mom blogger Joceline Raad. The giveaway did receive over 1,000 likes and comments within 24 hours of being posted on the influencer’s account.

3. Make Instagram videos available on your website

Adding shoppable videos to product pages can increase a store's session time because it makes the online shopping experience more interactive. 

In fact, data shows that:

  • Visitor sessions with videos on product pages are 127% longer than those without.
  • The likelihood of a target customer making a purchase is 1.8x greater if he or she watches videos. 
  • Watching a product video increases a consumer’s chances of buying the said product by up to 85%.

Why not put your influencer-generated posts and stories on your Shopify store? A product video works well because it lets viewers see the product or service in action. And when you have an influencer advocating for your brand, it only speaks volumes to how great it is. 

Unfortunately, Stories only last 24 hours, but VideoWise allows them to live forever on a product page. It makes adding shoppable Instagram videos to your Shopify store (home page, product pages, etc.) a whole lot easier.

We built VideoWise to give Shopify businesses the best experience when they realize how valuable shoppable videos can be to their marketing efforts. Given the statistics above, it’s also an apt solution if you’ve long been wondering how to increase the conversion rate on Shopify.


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