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How Tushbaby increased their overall store conversion by 3.6% with Videowise in the first 2 months

Increase in overall store conversion in the first 60 days
In Sales in 7 Months with Videowise

I switched over from another video app that was causing all kinds of sales-stopping bugs on our site.


Videowise has been a TOTALLY different experience in every way. Videowise not only has better functionality but also a far better UI.


The team was in charge of my setup and has been so proactive and responsive and got us launched in a matter of a couple of days with very little work or time needed on my end. Most apps charge for this level of support, but Videowise includes the white glove service.

I'm so happy with Videowise and can't recommend them enough. 5,000 stars!

Tammy Rant, Co-Founder of Tushbaby

About Tushbaby

Tushbaby founders firmly believe that carrying children should be made simple and hassle-free.

Driven by this vision, Tammy and Sara and their Creative Director, Riley, created Tushbaby to offer parents a straightforward, supportive solution for carrying their kids comfortably for longer durations. Its mission is to provide an efficient and effective way to ease the process of leaving the house with babies.

Beyond convenience, Tushbaby values the profound bond between parent and child. The brand recognizes the joy of holding little ones close and aims to enhance that experience. With its innovative product, Tushbaby offers back and arm support, ensuring parents can carry their children pain-free while fostering a sense of closeness and security.

By offering reliable support, Tushbaby enables parents to focus on creating beautiful moments with their children. Parents can confidently embark on their parenting adventure, knowing they have a loyal ally every step of the way.

Shopify shoppable video Tushbaby

The challenge

As Tushbaby embarks on its mission to revolutionize how parents carry their children, they are not without their share of challenges.

  1. Communicating Tushbaby’s innovation value. One significant hurdle they face is educating the audience about its innovative product's benefits, functionality, and proper usage. With a unique approach to child-carrying, Tushbaby must overcome misconceptions and ensure potential customers understand the value proposition offered.
  2. Standing out from the competition. Tushbaby faces the challenge of standing out in a highly competitive baby product market. With numerous options available to parents, differentiating themselves is essential. Tushbaby needs to find unique ways to capture attention and showcase the advantages of its product over others on the market.

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The solution

Tushbaby solved each challenge with videos, one baby step at a time.

  1. Incorporate shoppable how-to videos. Videos serve an educational purpose by providing step-by-step instructions on properly using the carrier. These instructional videos ensure that customers feel confident and informed about the product's proper usage.
  2. Establishing credibility with UGC shoppable videos. Testimonial videos featuring satisfied customers are another valuable resource for Tushbaby. These videos help build trust and credibility by sharing real-life experiences of parenting using the Tushbaby carrier. Hearing positive feedback directly from other parents and seeing their testimonials reassures potential customers about the effectiveness and safety of the product.
  3. Differentiate from the competitors. Tushbaby leverages videos as a powerful tool to demonstrate its differentiation from other products in the market vividly. Through video content, Tushbaby showcases the innovative design of its carrier, emphasizing features and benefits.

By leveraging the power of videos on its website, Tushbaby aims to overcome challenges, effectively communicate its product's value, provide essential information, and establish a strong connection with its audience.

The results

Tushbaby started a collaboration with Videowise in March 2023, and in the first two months, it increased its overall store conversion by 3.6%.

Since the collaboration started, the on-site Videowise videos had 202,276 views. On average, each visitor engaged with 3 videos, having an impressive video completion rate of 69.73% and an average duration of 1 minute and 24 seconds.

The video-engaged users translated their engagement into purchases, generating a remarkable sales value exceeding $500K. Notably, this audience's average video conversion rate reached 8%, with notable surges spiking to as high as 13%. Considering the orders driven by shoppable videos, the return on investment for the 7 months stands at 163.8X.

Tushbaby predominantly draws its traffic from mobile devices, with an impressive 87.19% share. 

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