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How SOSU Cosmetics increased their AOV by 8% with Videowise

Increase in AOV from
video-engaged users
Revenue at 9.9% avg. conversion rate,from visitors that engaged with video on site

Videowise has been an excellent addition to our cosmetics website. The onboarding and installation processes were exceptionally smooth. Our Account Manager has consistently shown remarkable responsiveness and has been immensely helpful in maximizing the available features.


Delighted to have found this and had such a smooth experience, too. I highly recommend it!

Jennifer Shanahan, eCommerce Manager at SOSU Cosmetics

About SOSU Cosmetics

SOSU Cosmetics, a thriving Irish-owned and operated company, emerged onto the beauty scene in 2015.

Fast forward eight years, and it has evolved into a powerhouse beauty brand boasting a remarkable portfolio of over 300 products and three distinct sub-brands: SOSU Cosmetics, Dripping Gold Tan, and Bahama Body Tan. 

The driving force behind this sensational journey is Suzanne Jackson, a former blogger who transformed into a beauty entrepreneur. Her vision and determination have propelled SOSU Cosmetics to international acclaim.

With an ever-expanding presence, SOSU Cosmetics has crossed borders. Currently, it graces the shelves of over 2000 stockists worldwide, both in physical stores and online, catering to customers in the EU and US markets. This impressive global reach is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering high-quality, affordable luxury beauty products.

Shopify shoppable video SOSU Cosmetics

The challenge

As SOSU Cosmetics endeavors to establish its presence in the highly competitive beauty industry, it faces many challenges.

  1. Effectively communicating its unique value proposition. In a saturated beauty market, where consumer attention is fiercely contested, highlighting the brand's innovative edge and unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness required a strategic approach.
  2. Setting itself apart from competitors. SOSU Cosmetics recognized that integrating dynamic visuals into its messaging was essential to capture the essence of what makes it stand out.
  3. Educating customers. Mere text explanations often fell short of conveying the brand's message effectively. SOSU Cosmetics understood the importance of interactive demonstrations and visual aids in preventing misconceptions and seizing opportunities to enlighten potential customers.

However, SOSU Cosmetics triumphed over these obstacles by tackling the power of video content to convey its unique value proposition and unwavering dedication to its customers. 

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The solution

The brand strategically captivates visitors' attention by integrating videos throughout its website, effectively conveying what sets it apart.

  1. Video UGC. The brand establishes a profound sense of authenticity and relatability by showcasing a collection of UGC shoppable videos. These videos provide an unfiltered insight into the genuine experiences of actual customers, effectively bridging the gap between the brand and its audience.
  2. Shoppable videos. SOSU Cosmetics enhances the customer experience by offering a series of instructive, shoppable how-to videos. These videos serve as comprehensive guides, walking customers through the proper application of SOSU Cosmetics products and demonstrating the techniques required for achieving optimal results.

The results

In a landscape where engaging online content is crucial, approximately 9% of the website's audience has actively interacted with the on-store videos, amassing 20,321 views. 

Each visitor, on average, engaged with about 2.74 videos, with an impressive video completion rate of 66%, spanning an average viewing time of about 1 minute. 

SOSU Cosmetics has obtained over $750K in revenue at a 9.9% average conversion rate from visitors who engaged with video on-site and increased their AOV by 8%. Moreover, SOSU has seen an increase of +3.2% in Revenue per Session in the first 30 days of using Videowise.

It's worth noting that SOSU Cosmetics' digital presence predominantly caters to mobile device users, with an astounding 92.63% share of total traffic.

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Shopify shoppable video SOSU Cosmetics

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