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How goPure reached up to 26% video conversion rates with UGC videos

ROI based on influenced & direct video orders in the first 60 days
Revenue at 13% avg. conversion rate, from visitors that engaged with video on-site

Great app! We've added it to our PDPs and Homepage as well as a few other places and it's added lift in both conversion rate and revenue for our storefront.


On average we've seen a 16% lift in our revenue and CR KPIs.

Daniel Mariano, Director of UX + CRO at goPure Beauty

About goPure

goPure wants to revolutionize beauty routines by offering a cleaner and safer approach to skincare.

goPure distinguishes itself through its commitment to using safe, clean, active ingredients. This commitment is embodied in products that eschew dirty ingredients, fillers, and toxic chemicals, providing consumers with pure and efficient skincare solutions.

Over the years, the brand has cultivated a loyal customer base that continues to place trust in goPure's commitment to creating safe and transformative products. This trust is at the forefront of every product formulation, ensuring that goPure delivers on its promise of radiant and healthy skin.

goPure's commitment to Clean Beauty extends beyond philosophy to tangible practices. Their formulas undergo rigorous testing by Independent Laboratories, ensuring hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, and effective results. goPure proudly maintains a 100% Certified Cruelty-Free status, aligning with their ethical approach to beauty.

From its inception to its ongoing commitment to customer trust and satisfaction, goPure continues to redefine skincare, proving that beauty and safety can coexist.

Shopify shoppable video goPure

The challenge

Within the highly competitive skincare market, the experiences of past shoppers matter most in shaping people's buying decisions, acting as a decisive factor that can either elevate or undermine a brand's standing. Keeping this in mind, goPure challenged with:

  1. Communicating the rebrand effectively. Consumers connect deeply with beauty products based on their unique needs and preferences. During a rebrand, where visual identities are changed, the opinions of those who have used the products become crucial. goPure needed to communicate these changes effectively to reassure its customers about the untouched products’ quality.
  2. Establishing trust and credibility. The beauty care industry is dynamic, thus, prospective customers look to the experiences of others to navigate the multitude of options and make informed choices. goPure needed a tool to include social proof on its website. By using testimonials of product users, the brand could build trust and authenticity.
  3. Increasing user engagement. The weight given to user opinions in customer acquisition is a testament to the power of recommendations in guiding consumer choices. goPure wanted to incorporate shoppers' testimonials to create a sense of community and help shape a positive and authentic narrative around the brand, enhancing its chances of success.

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The solution

goPure strategically leaned on incorporating UGC videos as a key tactic to address its challenges.

  1. Shoppable UGC video carousels on PDPs. Including these videos enhances the interactivity and engagement of the product pages. By incorporating real customer experiences and testimonials in video format, goPure provides potential customers with an authentic view of the brand's products. This helps convey the skincare line's efficacy and creates a more engaging and memorable user experience.
  2. Distribution at scale. goPure utilized Videowise's bulk action feature to deploy UGC videos across their best-selling products automatically. This decision was guided by the necessity for time efficiency, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  3. UGC shoppable videos. Prospective buyers seeking assurance and authenticity are more likely to trust the brand and make informed decisions based on the real-life experiences shared by their peers. Plus, these videos provide genuine testimonials and showcase the tangible results of using goPure's skincare line. 

UGC shoppable videos serve as a visual testament to the effectiveness of goPure's products and play a pivotal role in establishing and reinforcing trust, making them a valuable asset in the broader strategy of customer acquisition.

The results

goPure started collaborating with Videowise a month ago, in September 2023, and since then, the brand has seen higher customer engagement and conversion rates.

The on-site UGC videos have drawn a substantial audience, with customers showcasing an average engagement rate of 12%.

The video conversion rate of video-engaged shoppers is 13%, with spikes reaching an impressive high of 26%.

goPure has a great return on investment (ROI) of 204X, primarily attributed to orders originating from shoppable videos, totaling 1,705 orders. It generated a revenue of $200K  at a 13% average conversion rate from visitors engaged with video on site.  

Each shopper spent 40 seconds watching videos and engaged with two videos. The videos reached 28,067 views. This led to an added on-site time totaling 296 hours.

These metrics underline the Videowise collaboration's effectiveness in engaging customers and significantly driving conversions and revenue for goPure.

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Shopify shoppable video goPure

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