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How Eczema Honey Lifted their overall site conversion by 25% with Videowise

Increase in overall site conversion, from 3.1% to 4.1% site conversion
Revenue at 8% avg. conversion rate, from video engaged visitors on site
Using Videowise has enabled our community to get the best in class way (shoppable video) to immerse themselves into how to use our products and why they help with their skincare journey. The Videowise team was fun to work with and thorough in their approach and execution.
Minesh Patel, CEO & Founder Eczema Honey

About Eczema Honey

Eczema Honey is a leading skincare brand specializing in products for eczema sufferers created by Minesh Patel.

Eczema Honey has a solid mission: delivering products that are soothing, safe, nourishing, and indulgent. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Eczema Honey prioritizes the infusion of high-quality and food-grade ingredients renowned for their revitalizing and skin-loving attributes. 

The products extend beyond skincare, becoming an integral part of people's lives, offering a sense of solace through their soothing and cooling formulations designed for daily use. Eczema Honey proudly boasts the Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free seal, reflecting the brand’s dedication to compassionate practices and products. 

At the heart of Eczema Honey's creation lies a deeply personal motivation – the well-being of the founder’s family. The products were born from the desire to provide relief to his cherished children. This genuine care shines through Eczema Honey’s offerings as the brand extends its meticulously curated range to a broader audience, sharing the nurturing benefits.
Shopify shoppable video Eczema Honey

The challenge

Creating a distinctive presence in the highly competitive skincare landscape proved to be a demanding endeavor for Eczema Honey.

  1. Demonstrating tangible results. Eczema Honey faced challenges in effectively communicating its product's unique value proposition and demonstrating its effectiveness to potential customers. 
  2. Inefficient traditional marketing methods. Conventional marketing methods struggled to effectively highlight the nurturing attributes of Eczema Honey's offerings, creating an obstacle in substantiating claims and allowing potential customers to envisage tangible results.
  3. Establish credibility. Moreover, this challenge gave rise to the pressing need to establish credibility to facilitate the increase in conversions and engagement.

    However, introducing video content emerged as a compelling solution to Eczema Honey's product offerings and customers' expectations.

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The solution

The introduction of videos became the backbone of Eczema Honey's strategy to overcome its challenges.

  1. Collaborating to create the video strategy. Videowise collaborated with Alpha Inbound, a dynamic marketing partner and helped Eczema Honey to transform its online presence. They ensured that videos seamlessly integrated across the brand's website without compromising page speed or user experience.
  2. Incorporating shoppable videos. Videowise addressed Eczema Honey's website's lack of video content. With over 200 compelling videos, the brand aimed to bring its products to life throughout the website, presenting real case scenarios and testimonials highlighting their solutions' tangible benefits.

In essence, the strategic use of videos helped Eczema Honey to address the brand’s challenges in selling a unique proposition. It also enabled the brand to create a resonant narrative that converted viewers into believers and customers.

The results

Eczema Honey's store conversion rate witnessed a significant surge from 3.1% to an impressive 4.1%, marking a substantial +1% increase that highlighted the effectiveness of the video-centric approach in influencing customer decisions. Additionally, the adoption of video content positively impacted the brand's average order value (AOV), further solidifying its influence on customer behaviour.

Engagement metrics attested to the success of the video integration strategy. Shoppers engaged with an average of 3.4 videos per visit, achieving an impressive 72% video completion rate. 

The average watch time per shopper is impressive, consisting of 1 minutes and 48 seconds, clearly indicating the audience's interest in exploring the product's benefits. 

Shoppers interacted with shoppable video content displayed an average conversion rate of 8%. This robust conversion rate reinforced the strategy's efficacy in building customer trust and propelling them toward confident purchasing decisions.

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Shopify shoppable video Eczema Honey

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