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$188k from shoppable videos and +6% conversion increase for Celebration Box

Increase in-store conversion rates
Average shoppable videos conversion rates
Revenue from shoppable videos embedded on site

It's always a nervous time when you're updating an already successful website. Adding Videowise, however proved to be an easy implementation. My main concern was the impact on the website speed from adding lots of video content. The good news is that our site speed wasn't negatively impacted and the sales are good.

Wayne Kennerley, CEO of Celebration Box

About Celebration Box

In 2018, Celebration Box emerged as the brainchild of two friends in New Zealand on a mission to revolutionize gift-giving.

Tired of the same predictable gifts, they envisioned a world where gifting went beyond the socks-and-ties stereotype. So what happened next was the introduction of gift boxes filled with tasty doughnuts and sweet treats, breaking away from the norm and becoming a fresh trend in the world of gift-giving.

The concept took the nation by storm, with the innovative offerings gaining rapid popularity on social media. From commemorating a friend's graduation to mending relationships with a sweet gesture, Celebration Box became the go-to solution for diverse occasions. 

With big aspirations and determination, the company aims to become New Zealand's only gifting empire. The journey has just begun, and Celebration Box invites everyone to witness the achievement of their ambitious goals. Watch them soar as they redefine the art of gifting and make their mark on New Zealand.

Shopify shoppable video Celebration Box

The challenge

As a small business, Celebration Box’s success story had its share of challenges and required innovative solutions.

  1. Product presentation. Celebration Box faced a challenge in effectively showcasing its products. The brand wanted to find a way to show a visual narrative of the meticulous preparation that goes into each box.
  2. Build customer trust and transparency. Since Celebration Box is a new brand with an original gifting idea on the market, it needed videos to enhance transparency, credibility, and trust with customers.
  3. Boost customer experience. The brand wanted to create a seamless and engaging online shopping experience, but that required more attention to brand consistency across its product pages.

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The solution

Celebration Box strategically relied on the integration of videos to overcome its challenges.

  1. Collaborating to create the video strategy. Celebration Box joined forces with Videowise, experts in video integration, and Zyber, an eCommerce agency, to create a video strategy. Their collaboration aimed at reshaping Celebration Box's online landscape. Videowise took the lead in ensuring that the integration of videos across the brand's website was smooth and efficient, prioritizing page speed and user experience.
  2. Shoppable video stories on PDPs. These videos make the product pages more interactive and engaging. Viewers can now directly interact with the video content and buy with one click.
  3. Distribution at scale. Celebration Box took advantage of Videowise’s bulk action feature and automatically distributed videos at scale on more than 250 pages. This decision was driven by the need for time efficiency, ensuring a consistent application of video content that maintained brand identity and delivered an optimal user experience. 

This comprehensive video strategy addressed the challenges and positioned Celebration Box as a customer-centric player in the online gifting market.

The results

Even though Celebration Box started collaborating with Videowise in August 2023, the brand has seen incredible results, selling its products like hotcakes. 

Celebration Box has seen a +6% increase in total store conversion rates. The brand also has a video shopper conversion rate averaging at 26%, with spikes reaching an impressive high of 44%.

Celebration Box is averaging an ROI of 64.5X, based on the orders originating from these shoppable videos, with the cumulative video orders amounting to 3,200, accumulating a revenue of $188K. 

Shoppers watched 1.8 videos on Celebration Box and they collectively led to an added on-site time totaling 204 hours and 26 minutes.

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