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How Busy Baby Mat gets conversion rates of up to 21% with Videowise

Revenue at 9.6% conversion rate, from video-engaged site visitors
2m 12s
Average video watch time on site, with 1.6 videos watched/shopper

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As a business owner, I don’t have time to spend learning new apps and figuring out how to optimize them. Videowise has an amazing support team that helps optimize the app on my website. I love it.

Beth Fynbo, Founder of Busy Baby

Busy Baby Mat

Born from the need to simplify parenting, Busy Baby Mat is a family and veteran-owned enterprise dedicated to creating innovative, child-safe products.

Born from its founder's personal experience and frustration with the chaos of meals with infants, the brand developed the Busy Baby Mat.

Initially a homemade solution, the mat evolved into a professional product through relentless determination, active learning, and the help of mentors and competitions. Winning over $100,000 in prize money fuelled the product's development and expansion into a line of solutions designed to keep babies' toys germ-free and off the floor.

Today, Busy Baby Mat is a testament to innovation, resilience, and the power of a simple idea. Leveraging videos to showcase their products, the brand connects with parents practically, simplifying their lives and making meal times less stressful.
Shopify shoppable video Busy Baby Mat

The challenge

Being an innovative brand in a competitive market, Busy Baby Mat faced several challenges.

  1. Effectively communicating the value. With a range of creative toys designed to keep babies occupied and their environment germ-free, the brand needed to demonstrate the products' functionality and benefits clearly and compellingly. Plus traditional product imagery wasn’t sufficient to showcase the multifaceted advantages of the Busy Baby Mat's offerings.
  2. Set themselves apart. Moreover, differentiation in a saturated market was an ongoing challenge. Busy Baby Mat required an innovative approach to differentiate itself from its competitors. Simply listing product descriptions and specs is needed to stand out in a packed market. You need that human touch and a deeper connection with your audience to create a unique brand identity.

In the following sections, we'll explore how Busy Baby Mat navigated these challenges, incorporating Videowise that propelled them toward success.

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The solution

Busy Baby Mat turned to shoppable videos to uphold its promise of making parents' lives easier and showcase its products' practicality.

  1. Shoppable videos on home & product pages. Understanding the impact of visual demonstrations, the brand leveraged shoppable videos to present their products in action, showcasing real-life scenarios that resonated with their target audience - busy parents. 
  2. Integrate how-to and testimonial videos. They incorporated various types of shoppable video content, such as how-to guides, testimonials, and product features. Busy Baby Mat helped parents comprehend the products' value and set themselves apart as a brand deeply invested in enhancing their customers' daily experiences.

All these videos allowed customers to purchase directly from the video player during viewing, thereby eliminating the need to navigate away from the store for further research.

The results

The innovative and interactive video player, designed to captivate and convert, significantly elevated the brand's customer engagement and led to an average conversion rate of 11.49%, with impressive spikes in conversion rates of up to 27%.

Over this period, shoppers viewed more than 42k shoppable videos, adding an astonishing 1.5k hours to on-site engagement time. This surge in engagement testified to the effectiveness of the shoppable videos and illustrated the brand's successful fulfillment of its promise to make parents' lives easier.

Additionally, the average watch time per shopper experienced a significant boost, clocking in at 2 minutes and 12 seconds, indicating higher engagement levels and increased interest in the brand's offerings.

Using Videowise's advanced analytics, Busy Baby Mat continues refining its video strategy. With insights into the impact of every shoppable video, the brand can make data-driven decisions and optimize its video content to boost customer engagement and sales.

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Shopify shoppable video Busy Baby Mat

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