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How Ava Estell increased their conversion rate by +12% with Videowise

Increased conversion rate, after implementing Videowise
Revenue at 7% avg. conversion rate, from video engaged site visitors
Video engaged visitors, with an average watch time of 1m 19s

Videowise is giving our customers a closer shoppable experience with our products and helps them in the buying purchasing decision.


This app is giving our customers a closer experience with our products as well as helps them in the decision-making process of whether the product is suitable to their needs.

Looking forward to creating more video content.

Yaw Okyere, CEO at Ava Estell

About Ava Estell

Ava Estell is a globally renowned all-natural skincare brand specifically designed with melanin-rich skin in mind.

Ava Estell’s owner, Yaw Okyere, launched the brand to help his wife combat hyperpigmented skin issues. Fueled by this personal mission, Okyere was determined to find a natural way to restore balance to her skin, and in doing so, he created a solution for many others in similar situations.

The Ava Estell skincare range addresses a broad array of skin conditions that aim to correct any imbalances in pigmentation, thus catering to specific skincare concerns often faced by individuals with darker skin tones.

Since its beginning in 2020, Ava Estell has risen to international acclaim, offering products used by people worldwide seeking to balance their skin or boost their complexion confidence.

The brand is deeply committed to encouraging individuals to give their skin the love it deserves. Ava Estell is more than a skincare brand; it is a community built on the shared journey towards healthy, confident, and balanced skin.
Shopify shoppable video Ava Estell

The challenge

Ava Estell faced a lot of challenges in the fierce cosmetic industry.

  1. Sell its unique value proposition. Today's online cosmetics shoppers are savvy and research-driven. They research on social media and YouTube to understand how a product works and even seek recommendations from online communities. Ava Estell needed to find effective ways to engage with shoppers, providing them with compelling evidence of its products' efficacy while keeping them on its online store.
  2. Limited video analytics & low page speed from other apps. Ava Estell had previously incorporated Vimeo videos on the product pages. However, with most of the traffic coming from mobile devices, these videos failed to create engagement. Slow page speeds and the need for optimization for mobile users resulted in lower viewer retention and interaction.

These challenges underline the importance of a mobile-optimized video strategy. It's not just about having videos. It's about having the right videos presented in the right way.

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The solution

An all-in-one video platform that saved Dr. Dennis Gross’s team time with bulk video embedding, generates new revenue with shoppable videos and improved their overall site conversions & shopper engagement.

To address its challenges, Ava Estell embedded videos on their website, showcasing the brand’s unique value and boosting engagement and conversions.

  1. Zero impact on page speed. The implementation of Videowise allowed Ava Estell to incorporate informative videos about its products directly into their Shopify store without impacting page speed. This approach addresses the initial problem of low engagement due to poor mobile optimization and slow page speeds.
  2. Shoppable video UGC & how-to videos. Ava Estell’s videos provide detailed information about the skin conditions the products cater to, their benefits, and before-and-after demonstrations, adding an extra layer of trust and authenticity. Moreover, they guide potential customers at critical points during their shopping journey, helping them make a confident purchase decision.

Ava Estell's use of these videos led to a significant boost in site conversion. A test run before Black Friday and Cyber Monday revealed a conversion increase of +12%, illustrating the power of well-executed video content.

The results

Implementing Videowise on the website led to remarkable results for Ava Estell.
From February 2022, the brand generated a substantial revenue increase of over £743K, reflecting an average conversion rate of 7%. Actually, a single best-performing video on the site generated an impressive revenue of over £124K.

With 88% of Ava Estell's shoppers browsing via mobile, providing a video player designed with a mobile-first, swipe-up experience was essential. This encouraged consumers to engage more and contributed to an increase in on-site time, with 4,498 additional hours logged and more than 299K videos watched.

To put these numbers into perspective, this translates into roughly 187 extra days shoppers spent on Ava Estell's website, viewing videos and buying products. Thus shoppable video experience is a highly effective strategy to engage visitors and transform them into buyers.

Utilizing Videowise's advanced analytics, Ava Estell can now understand the impact of each embedded video on its store and make informed decisions to optimize its video content, driving further success for its ecommerce operations.

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Shopify shoppable video Ava Estell

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