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Artsabers added $100K+ from shoppable video orders with Videowise

Revenue from orders placed directly inside shoppable videos
Revenue from site video-engaged shoppers, at up to 21% CVR
3m 17s
Average video watch time, with 1.7 videos watched/shopper

Videowise does it all - it engages, converts, and offers a great shopping experience to all visitors.


As we are filming many videos every day, it was essential to find a solution to help us use our videos on the website without affecting our page speed.

Kārlis Bērziņš, Marketing Team Leader

About Artsabers

Artsabers is a manifestation of a Star Wars enthusiast whose dream turned into reality.

While the initial idea revolved around selling custom t-shirts and figurines, it soon became evident that the iconic Lightsaber stood unrivaled in representing the essence of Star Wars.

Today, Artsabers stands as a beacon in the Star Wars merchandise universe. Their sabers, known for their durability, state-of-the-art features like color-changing capabilities, varied sound fonts, and advanced sound boards, cater to both the young padawans and mature Jedi masters alike.

As they forge ahead, Artsabers remains true to its mission: delivering exceptional lightsabers to fans, ensuring quality, affordability, and a touch of the galaxy far, far away.

Along its journey, the brand encountered a series of challenges in building its name around the world and started looking for a solution to ease this process.
Shopify shoppable video Artsabers

The challenge

Artsabers encountered a significant challenge when trying to capture the magic and mystique of lightsabers using only static images. Its store required a more immersive and dynamic way to captivate the dedicated fanbase.

  1. Engage potential customers. Lightsabers are iconic for their interactivity - the hum of the blade, the transition of colors, and the clash of lights. For the customers to see these dynamic features in action, the brand needed videos.
  2. Make shoppers understand its value proposition. Beyond just selling lightsabers, Artsabers represented a community, a passion, and a commitment to the Star Wars fandom. The real challenge was to articulate this dedication effectively. While text and images painted a partial picture, they couldn't fully convey the brand's value proposition.

Artsabers turned to Videowise for a dynamic video solution. Recognizing the need for a more immersive approach to captivate their dedicated fanbase, the brand sought to enhance the online store's engagement. 

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The solution

Empowering the Galactic Shopper: A Strategic Revolution in Artsabers' Marketing

In pursuit of its longstanding vision to offer an unparalleled shopping experience, Artsabers embraced the transformative power of shoppable videos. Partnering with Videowise, the brand forged a bond of trust with Star Wars fans, immersing them in vivid, rich details of the cherished products.

  1. Shoppable videos. This video-centric approach wasn't just a shift but a marketing renaissance for Artsabers. Leveraging Videowise's capabilities, fans were no longer mere spectators. They journeyed through the realms of their favorite sci-fi lore while enjoying the seamless convenience of direct purchasing options from the video with a one-click checkout.
  2. Incorporating UGC shoppable videos. This innovative approach humanized the brand and its offerings, establishing a deeper level of trust and connection with potential customers. Through Videowise, Artsabers breathed life into its product pages, offering an immersive shoppable experience.

By integrating shoppable videos – the true Jedi Masters of their online storefront – Artsabers witnessed a galactic surge in conversions, racking up an impressive €1.1M from video sales alone.

The results

Artsabers' video integration achieved incredible results.

Since launching the video shopping experience in November 2021, Artsabers witnessed a remarkable transformation. By May 2022, they saw an engagement surge, captivating up to 28% of shoppers. The video sales skyrocketed, amassing over $1M in additional revenue. The gravitational pull of their content was evident, with fans dedicating an average of 3m 17s per video.

With Videowise's cutting-edge analytics, Artsabers could navigate the vast space of e-commerce data, gaining insights into each video's performance on their Shopify store. 

Their stellar performance was not just confined to the brand's niche; in the broader Gadgets sector, Artsabers' beacon shone bright, consistently ranking among the top 25% for click-through rates.

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Shopify shoppable video Artsabers

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