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Apolla + Videowise From Shark Tank to Selling Out Their Entire Stock

Average conversion rate of video engaged shoppers
From orders placed by video engaged shoppers, at 12% CVR

Incredible company, high-touch, white-glove help and service. I cannot say enough good things about them! It has been a wonderful addition to our website!

Kaycee Jones, Co-Founder & COO

About Apolla

At the heart of Apolla lies a mission: to revolutionize how we perceive and experience the simple act of wearing socks.

Initiated by a team of women, Apolla's foundation rests on principles of innovation, commitment, and ambition to empower those chasing their dreams. From renowned celebrities to elite athletes, Apolla's patented compression socks have seamlessly integrated into many lives, delivering unmatched comfort and support.

Apolla embarked on its journey with a clear goal - to revolutionize the footwear landscape. Through years of meticulous research and development, they've produced more than just socks; they've ignited a movement that connects with thousands. This connection is embodied by dancers – some of the most physically demanding artists in the world – who have become ardent supporters of the brand. Their elegance, resilience, and enthusiasm perfectly reflect Apolla's values, symbolizing the brand's essence.

But Apolla's vision extends beyond tangible products to immersive experiences. Launching its video shopping experiences is a testament to the brand's continuous drive for innovation, allowing its community to witness firsthand the impact and value of its offerings.
Shopify shoppable video Aolla Performance

The challenge

Apolla faced its fair share of challenges before venturing into videos. Effectively communicating their dancewear's exceptional qualities and profound advantages posed a significant obstacle.

  1. Showing the products’ functionality. Embracing the philosophy of "show, don’t tell," Apolla's primary challenge was visually bringing their socks' functionality to life. Solely relying on verbal descriptions wasn't sufficient to convey their dance socks' innovative features and unique qualities.
  2. Shopify integration. Despite abundant genuine content, Apolla faced challenges in effectively highlighting these endorsements.  The brand’s goal was more than just showcasing videos; it aimed to integrate these testimonials seamlessly into its Shopify storefront. This integration was a path to creating a deeper, more transparent connection with their customers.

In essence, Apolla was on a quest to elevate the online shopping experience equally, making it as immersive and genuine as the product itself.

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The solution

Videowise emerged as Apolla's primary solution for bridging the gap between brands and shoppers, integrating valuable user content directly on the store pages to underscore the product's unique value and influence buying decisions.

  1. Shoppable video UGC and testimonial videos. Converting UGC into shoppable videos proved invaluable. Customers often lean towards UGC over branded content, valuing authentic user reviews. Giving them a chance to purchase while watching videos ensured a smooth transition to the checkout.
  2. Seamless Shopify integration. Apolla integrated the most relevant YouTube videos mentioning the brand’s products. These user-generated content videos (UGC) were automatically linked to Apolla’s Shopify listings. This strategy allowed Apolla to pinpoint potential customer segments, from athletes to everyday sock enthusiasts sharing their feedback online.

Following their appearance on Shark Tank in April 2022, Apolla's brand visibility skyrocketed. Despite the team's preparations, they were overwhelmed by the sudden surge in demand for their products, selling what they anticipated for a week in just 15 minutes.

The results

Apolla elevated its shoppers' experience through captivating shoppable videos, which resulted in high conversion rates.

Leveraging Videowise as the cornerstone of its online content strategy, Apolla saw a boost in video engagement by 21.47% and an impressive average video conversion rate of 12.9%. 

Visitors can explore Apolla’s offerings on the product pages via a rich collection of shoppable videos. Over 60,000 videos, with an average viewing time of 2m 37s, were watched, culminating in an additional 2,000 hours and spent on the website.

Effectively communicating its brand value led Apolla to create certain sock styles and sizes available exclusively for preorder. Videowise's analytics enabled Apolla to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, optimizing for even better outcomes.

Harnessing metrics like session duration, conversion and engagement rates, influenced orders, and ROI, Apolla continues to set the stage for even greater sales success in the coming years.

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Shopify shoppable video Aolla Performance

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