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videowise vs. tolstoy

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Over 2,000 leading brands sell more with videowise

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The difference between
Videowise & Tolstoy

The main difference between Videowise and Tolstoy is that Tolstoy is a point-shoppable video app with few video widget options, while Videowise has a significantly greater value offering as a visual commerce platform to drive growth.

Videowise meets all your video needs with AI-optimized videos that load 5-8 times faster. It’s also seamless to embed content at a massive scale, offering widget templates to embed different videos on different pages.

More than just shoppable videos, Videowise is a full visual commerce platform. It features shoppable image galleries, video channels, and social feeds to boost product discovery, enrich the shopping experience, and drive sales and revenue.

Full site video infrastructure
Videowise covers your entire site video infrastructure for near-instant loading video, optimized with AI.
Video in product gallery, at scale
Embed fast-loading, autoplay, ADA-compliant video in the product gallery, on thousands of product pages.
At scale media embedding
Videowise allows you to use one widget template and embed it at scale on unlimited pages, while using different videos/images on different pages.
Product video in collection pages
Display autoplay videos or on-hover videos in product thumbnails on collections pages.
Video channels Netflix-style
Create a video gallery page part of your site to offer visitors the ultimate video learning & shopping experience.
Find UGC on TikTok & Instagram
Empower your marketing team to find content that mentions your brand on social, save it forever, and request creator usage rights.
Collect UGC
Collect more UGC from your customer with a drag & drop area directly embedded on your site.
AI-optimized videos & images
Make your videos & images load near-instantly by reducing their file size up to 97%, all while keeping their quality.
Shoppable images with hotspots
Enhance the shopping experience and improve product discovery with super-fast loading shoppable hotspot images.
Dynamic CDN video format delivery
Videowise delivers the best file format (MP4, H624, H265, AV1) and resolution that fits the shopper's device/browser.
Automated Instagram feed
Seamlessly display your Instagram posts and reels, made shoppable on your site.
Automated TikTok feed
Seamlessly display your TikTok videos, made shoppable on your site.
In-video forms
Capture shopper information (emails, phone no, etc.) in video pop-ups and sync it with Klaviyo.
Over 20 visual widget themes
Videowise offers a wide variety of video and image widgets that can be made shoppable or interactive to cover all your needs.
Connect multiple stores, share assets
Connect unlimited stores and save tons of time by sharing between them your Library media assets, your widget templates, and customization settings.
Display creator profiles in widgets
Add more authenticity to your content by displaying the creator's Instagram/TikTok profile photo and name in visual widgets.
ADA compliant video
Videowise's video widgets meet all the ADA compliance requirements.
Live video shopping (very soon)
Start live shows to sell more, with multistream on social platforms.
Limited video widgets
Tolstoy offers 6 video widgets: carousel, stories, hero video, tile that can be made shoppable and a video pop-up quiz.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
Limited embedding at scale
Tolstoy offers one video playlist per widget or automated playlists based on videos tagged with products but the latter cannot be reordered.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
Find UGC limited to Instagram (Beta)
Tolstoy is limited to finding UGC only on Instagram, and still in beta.
Not yet available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality yet, but they are teasing it to come soon.
Basic video compression
Tolstoy offers basic video compression that usually reduces files by 40-50% and affects video quality.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
MP4-only video delivery
Tolstoy only delivers MP4 video files.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
6 video widgets
Tolstoy offers a limited amount of just 6 video widgets.
Limited to account management
You can connect multiple stores under one account in Tolstoy but there are no shared assets between the stores.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
Limited compliance
Not all Tolstoy video widgets are ADA-compliant, one example being the video hero widget.
Not available
Tolstoy does not offer this functionality.
discover visual commerce

The ultimate suite of shoppable media solutions designed to inspire action & drive conversions.

video commerce
Video infrastructure designed for eCommerce to Boost engagement and inspire purchases.
video channels
Inspire visitors with your own Netflix-style learning & shopping video experience.
media infrastructure
Organize, make shoppable, and optimize with AI media assets in one centralized library.
user generated content
Save time and get more UGC with automated social listening & request creator usage rights.
shoppable images
Improve product discovery and inspire purchases with shoppable image galleries.
personalization engine
Tailor visual experiences and dynamically adapt your website for different types of audiences.
videowise vs. tolstoy - pricing comparison

Better pricing based on value added, not impressions

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Price for sites with 100K monthly visitors

Seamless migration to Videowise

Price for sites with 100K monthly visitors

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over 2,000 brands use videowise



Over 2,000 leading brands sell more with videowise

Frequently asked questions

Start now - Get 3 months free

How long does it take to migrate from Tolstoy to Videowise?

Our customer success team offers a white-glove migration from Tolstoy to Videowise in as fast as 24h or a few days, depending on the implementation complexity.

Does Videowise offer a free trial?

Absolutely! Videowise offers a default 21-day free trial that can be further extended upon request.

Do you offer any discounts?

All Tolstoy users that migrate to Videowise will benefit from a special discount disclosed by our sales team during their first meeting.

How is Videowise pricing different?

Tolstoy charges for impressions that don't generate any value - you basically pay Tolstoy because you have traffic coming to your site.

Videowise charges per number of unique interactions your visitors have with Videowise widgets.
We also offer fixed monthly pricing custom tailor-made for your needs.

What kind of customer support does Videowise offer?

We pride ourselves on our hands-on, 24/7 customer support team. Almost all reviews that we receive mention how great our support team is.

All Videowise users benefit from:

  • Knowledge base with step-by-step instructions
  • Video tutorials
  • Live chat support (during business hours)
  • Email support (24h reply time)

Our Pro & Enterprise plans also include:

  • Personalized implementation strategy and app onboarding
  • Assisted implementation & team training
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Private Slack channel
  • Ongoing account performance monitoring
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video quiz


in-video forms


video channels


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shoppable hotspots


instagram & tiktok feeds


social listening


collect ugc


ugc usage rights


personalization engine


media ai-optimization


automations & rules


shoppable video in email


performance analytics


multi-store management

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