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+$50k in added revenue at 16% conversion rate with Videowise online shopping

United States
Dog Accessories


After risking one too many paw injuries from walking over man-made elements such as salted ice, burning asphalt, and broken glass, Caesar and Peter Liu (Caesar’s owner) realized that Caesar needed a solution for protecting his paws ASAP.

After extensive research on the market, Peter Liu, co-founder of RIFRUF, realised that there were no dog shoes that would check all the boxes when it came to design, quality, and functionality. 
He felt like man’s best friends should be able to enjoy the same quality footwear as their human companions do. So he reached out to Jeremy, a human footwear designer by background, to design and build a better dog shoe.

They launched the first dog sneaker model in January 2021 and since then, they have continued with their mission to change the dog world forever.

The Challenge

Clearly communicating the value proposition of their unique, niche products
Dog shoes aren’t the most common product or topic. Some people even believe that they are not really a necessity, since dogs have paws.

While that may be true, dogs’ paws aren’t indestructible and in this day and age, the environment has changed a lot which makes perils appear every step of the way.

The challenge was to connect the customers to their products, educate the audience and engage with them by showing how the products look like, how to use them and why. 
"Since day 1 the Videowise team has been super helpful and responsive. I love how the app doesn't actually slow down online shopping and the website itself either despite having multiple videos uploaded. Definitely a game changer!"
Peter Liu

The Solution

Online shopping thru shoppable videos to improve customer engagement and increase sales

Video content, being the ultimate media tool to tell a story, instantly became the go-to solution. RIFRUF uses Videowise's on-site shoppable videos feature to engage with customers on their Shopify store, retain them for longer and build relationships with next-generation buyers.

We started by embedding shoppable videos on the different pages of their online store - homepage, product pages, story page - to meet shoppers at every step of their journey. 

With 77% of traffic coming from mobile, using our eCommerce dedicated interactive video player designed specifically for mobile led to a higher retention rate with an average watch time/shopper of 1m19s.
Our  Customer Success team has been there for them since day one. We did an extensive audit of their Shopify store, put together a personalized video strategy and helped with the implementation every step of the way. Our in-house design team walked the extra mile by creating custom thumbnails for the videos to maximize the click-through rate, hence increasing conversions.
Before Videowise
  • Connect customers to products
  • Educate the audience
  • Showcase the utility of the products
  • No analytics around customer behaviour
After Videowise
  • Educate the audience with video content
  • Showcase product benefits
  • Advanced commerce-focused video analytics & split-testing
  • At-scale video management and monetization

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on-site video

On-site shoppable videos

Embedded shoppable videos at scale to uplift conversions and sell more.


Brand matching

No third-party logos, ads or any annoying recommendations. Your brand, your player!


Adaptive video player

Mobile first swipe-up experience, that adapts to any device or screen format.

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The Results

Online shopping with shoppable videos generated +$50K in added revenue for RIFRUF in just half a year. So far, the cutest dog brand out there has seen conversions of up to 16%.

The Picture-in-Picture video widget performs the best when it comes to direct orders - purchases made directly from the video player. These are shoppable videos at their best, which confirms their power to attract visitors' attention and encourage them to buy immediately. 

Videowise helped RIFRUF add over 500 hours of added time on-site with +19k videos watched.
With Videowise's advanced analytics, they can update their video strategy at any time, based on very detailed metrics like top videos, top video widgets, top pages, video conversion and many more. Having access to advanced eCommerce-focused video analytics & split-testing helps them fully understand their customers' behaviour and make data-driven decisions that convert. 
on site engagement RIFRUF use case with Videowise shoppable videos video sales-Nov-22-2022-03-20-52-4275-PM
Driven revenue in 6 months
Engagement rate up to
Conversion rate
Avg. watch time/shopper
1m 19s

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