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+₹53.8M Added Revenue at +19% Conversion Rate with Videowise video marketing


About Headphone Zone

Headphone Zone is India’s first exclusive online store for headphones, earphones and personal Audio devices featuring the world's finest headphones from brands renowned for their sound, design and style. At Headphone Zone, one can find unique headphones for every purpose and shop from their feature-based collections.

The Shopify store features a thorough buying guide alongside detailed descriptions of product specifications, video testimonials as well as video reviews from reputed global technology forums in order to facilitate informed decision-making.

The Challenge

Manually embedding product videos on-site

Headphones are one of the most commonly reviewed products on YouTube, so naturally, a large number of the products Headphone Zone sells already have existing video reviews on the platform.

They were struggling to find these videos in an instant, automatic way, and sort them to match the products on their Shopify store. They were looking for a solution to help them review which videos they wanted to publish on their site, and in a few clicks, to scale video content to thousands of product pages.

“It's really important for us that our website is the single place where visitors get all the information they need to make a purchase decision. That's where Videowise has come as a great help to us.”
Raghav Somani
Founder & CEO at  Headphone Zone

The Solution

On-site video marketing and bulk embedding at scale

Shopify merchants know that in order to place videos on a product page, you must first produce that video or find it on a third-party source, moderate it, and then manually embed it in Shopify on the product details page. This entire process is very time-consuming, sometimes leading to hours of work just to find the right videos and get them on the right pages.

Videowise is the #1 YouTube Compliant Partner on Shopify. It allowed Headphone Zone to search for positive video UGC through millions of products at once, automatically matching the relevant video results with the right products. This has made video embedding on product pages possible at a large scale on thousands of SKUs.
Headphone Zone was able to save thousands of working hours by using Videowise's Find Video UGC feature. This allowed them to find the most relevant videos about their products in just seconds. After that, adding videos to each product was a matter of just approving the results Videowise found using our simple drag & drop video management interface.
Before Videowise
  • Manually search for UGC on YouTube
  • Manually embed product videos
  • Massive, time-consuming resources needed for video management
  • No insights on video performance
After Videowise
  • At-scale video management and monetization
  • Use A.I. to automatically find positive video content on YouTube
  • Bulk actions & video automation on thousands of SKUs
  • Save thousands of working hours
  • Turning all video shoppable for a seamless shopping experience
  • Advanced commerce-focused video analytics & split-testing

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Find video UGC

Scrape YouTube for positive video UGC and use it to sell on-site.


Bulk video embedding

On-site video marketing at scale, on thousands of SKUs.

on-site video

On-site shoppable videos

Embedded shoppable video reviews to inform shoppers and uplift conversions.


Advanced video analytics

Advanced commerce-focused video analytics & split-testing to optimize conversions.

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The Results

Shoppable video is actually a feature that was released after Headphone Zone had already started working with Videowise video marketing. Nonetheless, the feature has had an impressive impact on their bottom line, as they can seamlessly integrate the checkout experience with their embedded video content with a 207X ROI.

Videowise tracked all of the purchases made during/after shoppers watched the product videos, and it showed that video shoppers always convert at least 3X times more than regular ones. 

Shoppable videos at a 19% conversion rate.

The conversion rate isn't the only metric that Videowise helped grow. With +142K videos watched, the session time on product pages with videos has been increased by 5 times, with shoppers watching videos for an average of +5 minutes/shopper.

Videowise managed to help Headphone Zone add +12,790 hours of added time on-site. Or, to put it in perspective, that's over 532 days of added time that shoppers spent on the product pages watching video content and making purchasing decisions right during or after.

video conversion-1 headphone zone video sales-2
Driven revenue
Conversion rate
Avg. watch time/shopper
5m 17s

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