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How Busy Baby Mat Uses Videowise to achieve 11.49% Conversion Rate with shoppable video content

United States
Baby Accessories

About Busy Baby Mat

Busy Baby Mat is a small, veteran & family-owned business with a mission to make life easier for busy parents everywhere.

They started the business with a core product - the baby mat, and they grew it into a product line and retail store with products that help parents to keep their babies busy and safer from germs.
Thanks to their brilliant idea, parents didn’t have to worry anymore about where their baby’s toys would end up.

The Challenge

Turn videos shoppable and monetize them on-site

Having such innovative and creative toys, Busy Baby Mat needed a way to clearly portray the value that their products would provide to their customers - parents and babies alike.

Simple imagery wasn't enough for the products to transcend the screen. Their benefits needed to be communicated in a more engaging and interactive way, that would have convinced more shoppers towards a purchasing decision. 

In addition, they were looking for a much more innovative way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Shoppable videos ideally pave it way in this case.

The Solution

Prove that the brand promise - to make parents’ lives easier, is a realistic one - using shoppable video content
Their brand promise to make parents’ lives easier was a big one and they needed to prove it was a practical one to busy, tired parents. Shoppable video, being the most powerful communication tool, was the best way for them to properly show their products in action and in real-life situations. 

By presenting to their target audience how-to, testimonial & product shoppable videos, Busy Baby Mat is helping parents better understand the value these products would bring to their lives.

Instead of sharing regular videos, they started using Videowise to make all of their video content shoppable, to not only entertain their traffic but also convert it. With Videowise’s help, they managed to import their TikTok and Instagram video content and embed their videos on their Shopify store in a page-speed-friendly way.  With our Find Video UGC feature, they were also able to find videos on YouTube that mention their brand and products and use them on their site as social proof.

Shoppable videos were uploaded everywhere on their store to meet visitors at every step of their buying journey: home page, product pages, reviews page, collection page, about us page, and cart page.

Every time customers watch their shoppable videos, they have the possibility to purchase directly from the video player, without ever having to leave the store to do research elsewhere.
Before Videowise
  • Video designed for watching
  • No proven differentiator from the competition
  • Simple product imagery
  • No clear display of product benefits
After Videowise
  • Video designed for conversion
  • Help parents understand product benefits with video
  • Make all video content shoppable
  • Automatically embed shoppable videos without affecting page-speed
  • Scrape YouTube for relevant video UGC

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Shoppable products

Convert more viewers by adding shoppable products or different interactive actions.


Brand matching

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Adaptive design

Mobile first swipe-up experience, adapts to any device or screen format.

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The Results

Thanks to Videowise’s shoppable videos, the brand saw a substantial increase in engagement and conversion rates in less than half a year. 

Thanks to an innovative/interactive video player designed to convert that delivers engaging video experiences and meets the visitors right when they’re ready to buy, Busy Baby Mat registered conversion rates of up to 27%.
Shoppers watched +17K shoppable videos which led to +451h added time on-site.
Busy Baby Mat continues to update its video strategy based on Videowise’s advanced analytics that educates them on the impact of every shoppable video example they use so they can make data-driven decisions. 

Metrics like top videos, top pages, top video widgets, and shoppers by device help Busy Baby Mat always test strategies to create shoppable videos and discover what suits their business best.
video conversion busy baby mat report on use case with Videowise shoppable videos shopper by device
Videos watched
On-site added time
average Conversion rate
Avg. watch time/shopper
1m 33s

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