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How Ava Estell generated £743K at up to 21% conversion rate with shoppable experience for ecommerce

United Kingdom

About Ava Estell

Ava Estell is an all-natural skincare brand that’s made with melanin in mind, dealing with darker skin tones and specific skin concerns like hyperpigmentation.

Yaw Okyere, the founder of the company, created Ava Estell for his wife, who saw a massive gap in experienced first-hand a lack of Black representation within the cosmetics industry.

Created in 2020, Ava Estell turned into a very successful global brand, with people all over the world using the products to bring their skin back to balance or to simply feel more confident in their complexion.

The Challenge

Clearly showcase their brand's value proposition

For consumers, shopping for cosmetics online is a social experience. They don’t just enter a website and buy the first product they encounter. They first do extensive research on social media, check YouTube videos to see how a certain product works, and even ask for recommendations online.

The challenge for Ava Estell was to find an efficient way to engage with shoppers and show them the results of their products can deliver, without having to leave the store to do research elsewhere. Do these products really work? That was the question they had to find an immersive & interactive way to answer.

Another challenge was page speed and the lack of analytics around video content. Ava Estell already had some Vimeo videos on their product pages but since most of their traffic was coming from mobile devices, the engagement was very low.

“Videowise is giving our customers a closer shoppable experience with our products and helps them in the buying purchasing decision.”
Yaw Okyere
Founder/CEO Ava Estell

The Solution

Leveraging video experience to showcase the key benefits of the products

With Videowise, Ava Estell was able to embed their already existing, informative videos of their products directly on their Shopify store, with zero impact to their page speed.

The videos include detailed product information (such as the skin condition they're for, benefits, before and afters, and more), and they link directly to the product pages. This encourages engagement and retention, leading to an up to a higher conversion. In one test pre-BFCM Ava Estell managed to boost their overall site conversion by +12%.

They started leveraging their video testimonials and video reviews to showcase the key benefits of their products at essential moments in their customers’ shopping journeys, guiding them towards a more trustful purchasing decision.

Ava Estell uploaded new videos but were also able to import & use their existing Instagram Reels & TikTok Videos.  In an industry where social proof is crucial to establish trust between your audience and your brand, making their video testimonials shoppable was a move that ultimately led to growth. 

Before Videowise
  • Lack of insight into product benefits
  • Scepticism towards product results
  • Decisions made on assumptions
After Videowise
  • Best video experience for ecommerce
  • Proven results with shoppable video reviews and testimonials
  • Advanced commerce-focused video analytics & split-testing for data-driven decisions

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On-site shoppable videos

Embedded shoppable videos at scale to uplift conversions and sell more.

one click

1-click checkout

Shoppable videos that match Ava Estell store's shopping experience.


Adaptive video player

Mobile first swipe-up experience, that adapts to any device or screen format.

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The results

Increased revenue at higher conversion rates!
Ava Estell generated +£743K at an average of 7% conversion rate with Videowise since February 2022.

With a majority of shoppers coming from mobile (88%), having a video player designed with a mobile-first swipe-up experience was a must.

With 4,498 hours of added time on-site and +299K of videos watched, Ava Estell adopted a shoppable experience for ecommerce as a much-needed strategy to keep visitors engaged for longer and turn them into shoppers. To put things in perspective, that’s about 187 days of added time that shoppers spent on Ava Estell’s website watching videos and purchasing their products.
Ava Estel's best-performing video generated a total of +£124K.

With Videowise’s advanced analytics and reports, merchants like Ava Estell can easily understand the impact of every embedded video on their Shopify store.

Metrics like video conversion, on-site engagement, top converting videos, and top converting pages allow them to constantly adapt and improve their video marketing strategy and GTM approach by periodically analyzing their performance and making informed, strategic decisions.
on site engagement Ava estell report on using shoppable videos from Videowise videos-sales
Driven revenue
Engagement rate up to
Conversion rate up to
Avg. watch time/shopper
1m 19s

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