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Artsabers generates +$1.1M at up to +25% conversion rate with shoppable videos

United Kingdom

About Artsabers

Artsabers is a global brand created by a passionate Star Wars fan who lived the fantasy for a long time. After spending many years as part of the fandom, the founder decided that nothing says Star Wars more than the iconic Lightsaber.

As longtime collectors of sabers and forever fans of the epic franchise, the Artsabers team is on a journey to provide an excellent saber-purchasing experience to Star Wars fans everywhere.

Their online store welcomes you into the Universe of Star Wars, where they boast a high-quality lightsaber collection perfect for both beginners and enthusiastic collectors.

The force that joined the galactic experience was the marketing strategy of video shopping, which proved to be a fantastic conversion booster.

The Challenge

Engaging with the Star Wars fans by clearly communicating the brand's value proposition

When you discover the Artsabers’ collection, you instantly experience the sense of wonder that takes you on an authentic Star Wars journey. The lightsabers are considered more than products by the fan base. Therefore, exposing their high-quality designs and functionality on their website through a simple image wasn't compelling enough anymore to engage with the audience.

What Artsabers needed was an immersive way to show how their products look and feel, while at the same time offering their shoppers a seamless video shopping experience - a steady path to purchase, that doesn’t distract the customer from enjoying the storytelling process.

“As we are filming many videos every day, it was essential to find a solution to help us use our videos on the website without affecting our page speed. Videowise does it all - it engages, converts, and offers a great shopping experience to all visitors.”
Arthur Martinson

The Solution

Improve marketing strategy to provide a shoppable customer experience to their Star Wars community

Their longtime mission to provide an exemplary customer experience to their fans came to fruition once they adopted shoppable videos. Videowise has been used to build a stronger relationship between the brand and its consumers, by clearly showcasing product information in an immersive, compelling way.  

The video shopping experience was a game-changer for Artsabers' marketing strategy. Once they started to count on Videowise’s performance, their fans started to enjoy the best of both worlds - learning everything about their favourite sci-fi weapons, while also selecting and purchasing the products directly from the video player with a 1-click checkout experience. 

Making shoppable videos the Jedi of their Shopify store, the Artsabers have seen a boost in conversions reaching up to €1.1M in video sales. 

Before Videowise
  • Unable to demonstrate product quality
  • Difficulty in showcasing the products in action
  • Shoppers leave the store to research the products on YouTube
  • No way to automatically integrate with TikTok
After Videowise
  • Showcasing products with shoppable videos
  • Clearly communicate brand's value proposition with an immersive video experience
  • Use A.I. to find positive video reviews, make them shoppable and use them to sell on-site
  • Advanced commerce-focused video analytics & split-testing
  • Deep platform and tech integrations

See it live

on-site video

On-site shoppable videos

Embedded shoppable videos at scale to uplift conversions and sell more.


Find video UGC

Scrape YouTube for positive video UGC and use it as marketing strategy to sell on-site.


TikTok integration

Automatically sync TikTok video content and embed it on-site.

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The Results

Up to 28% shoppers' engagement in May 2022

Having kicked off in November 2021, the video shopping experience had an immediate impact: compared to the previous period, video sales rose to over 1M in added revenue, and the engagement rate got up to 28%, with an average watch time per shopper of 3m 33s. 

Over 100K shoppers were engaged and retained, generating an average video order value of €382
With Videowise’s advanced analytics and reports, the brand can easily understand the impact of every embedded shoppable video on its Shopify store. Over the year, Artsabers consistently performed better than the average Videowise brand partners. We have seen the same trend in the Gadgets category performance, with Artsabers surpassing the average number of video sales and audience engagement. The brand was consistently in the top 25% performers for click-through rate. 
on site engagement artsabers report on Videowise shoppable videos use case video sales
Driven revenue
Engagement rate up to
Conversion rate up to
Avg. watch time/shopper
3m 33s

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