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Apolla + Videowise from Shark Tank to out of stock with shoppable videos

United States
Apparel & Footwear

About Apolla

Apolla is the all-female-owned company built from the ground up to change the world of what people wear on their feet. The USA startup company has developed an incredible following in the industry of some of the toughest athletes in the world... dancers.

The brand is driven by a mission to help empower those that need a hand or a (foot) to reach their goals.

After spending years developing the perfect, sustainable socks, Apolla needed one game-changing tool to show the actual value of their products in action - the video shopping experience.

The Challenge

Clearly showcase their brand's value proposition

The old saying “show, don’t tell” fits perfectly in Apolla’s marketing strategy, considering that their socks’ functionality deserved to be seen in action.

Apolla’s team was relying on one of the most helpful tools to promote their brand: user-generated content (UGC). Top dancers and choreographers have become the brand’s advocates, sharing their authentic experiences with the patented compression socks on their YouTube channels.

Apolla was struggling to find a way to highlight the UGC from their most avid supporters. They wanted a seamless approach to display the video content directly on their Shopify store to build a more genuine relationship with their customer base.

As a brand whose mission is to provide the next level of comfort for their shoppers, they were aiming to implement an immersive, next-level shopping experience in their store.

“Incredible company, high-touch, white-glove help and service.
I cannot say enough good things about them! It has been a wonderful addition to our website!”
Kaycee Cope Jones
Co-Founder & COO APOLLA

The Solution

Show product benefits in an immersive way, to influence seamless purchasing decisions with shoppable videos.

Apolla approached Videowise after seeing the proven benefits of our video platform and discovering how video shopping was bridging the gap between shoppers and brands' value propositions for other top Shopify brands.  The brand had all the confidence it needed to kickstart its video shopping story.

Videowise took the lead and became the go-to solution that helped Apolla automatically source all their valuable content and place it on their store pages to illustrate the added value of their products, and to impact their customers’ purchasing decisions. 

After airing on Shark Tank on April 2022, the brand exposure was massive! Though Apolla's team was well prepared for this to the best of their ability, what they could not predict was the incredible outpour of people that needed their products.

What they had expected to sell in a week, they sold in 15 minutes.

The brand already had a myriad of UGC at its fingertips. With the Find Video UGC feature, Videowise used A.I. to scrape Youtube for the best videos that mention Apolla’s products, and automatically sort them with the products listed on their Shopify store. Relying on the power of an automated tool to search for UGC, Apolla managed to identify groups that could serve as potential customers. Athletes, doctors, hikers, or people who are simply looking for quality socks shared their testimonials online.

The benefits of converting Apolla’s UGC into shoppable video are clear and compelling: customers trust more UGC than branded content because they prefer unbiased and genuine opinions from people who have experienced the brand. At the same time, offering them the opportunity to purchase their favourite socks while watching the videos without interruption firmly impacts the shoppers’ checkout experience.

Before Videowise
  • No immersive way to show products value proposition
  • Struggle with showcasing socks functionality
  • Manually search for UGC
  • Lack of dynamic connection with the audience
  • Decisions made on asumptions
After Videowise
  • Show the value of their products with video
  • Seamless purchasing journey by turning videos shoppable
  • Gain trust by displaying unbiased, genuine video testimonials
  • Use A.I. to find positive video reviews, make them shoppable and monetize them on-site
  • Advanced commerce-focused video analytics & split-testing for data-driven decisions

See it live

on-site video

On-site shoppable videos

Embedded shoppable videos showcasing product benefits to uplift conversions and sell more.


Find video UGC

Scrape social platforms for positive video UGC and use it to sell on-site.


TikTok integration

Automatically sync TikTok video content and embed it on-site.


Advanced video analytics

Advanced commerce-focused video analytics & split-testing to optimize conversions.

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The Results

By making Videowise the focal point of their shopping experience strategy, the brand achieved up to 21.47% in video engagement and an average 9.94% video conversion rate with 90.54X ROI.

Now, clients interested in discovering more about Apolla’s unique socks are well-informed directly on the product pages through a gallery of authentic user-generated shoppable videos. +63K videos were watched on an average of 2m 37s per shopper which translates into 2,196h 30m of added time on-site.

Using testimonials of some of the toughest athletes in the world and turning them into shoppable videos, has led Apolla to bring their brand's value proposition into perspective and successfully convert more customers.

Due to the incredible demand for Apolla Socks, many of their styles/sizes are now only available by preorder.

With the most advanced video analytics and reports in eCommerce, Videowise made it easy for the brand to understand its customers' behaviours better and translate those behaviours into better results. 

Making the best of advanced metrics like added session time, conversion rate, engagement rate, influenced orders, ROI, and more, Apolla can now unlock the full potential of video shopping and build an in-depth understanding of its market.

From here, the brand is analyzing and constantly upgrading its video shopping formula to continue creating bigger and better sales in the future.

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Driven revenue
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