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The State of Innovative eCommerce 2023 edition

Social Commerce is influencing audience without even the intent to buy things when they go on social media, as 71% of shoppers more likely to buy a product after seeing positive reviews on their social network.
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Chapter 1

1.1 eCommerce Shopping: A Current Overview
1.2 Revolutionizing eCommerce Shopping: Innovation trends

Chapter 2

Create memorable experiences that resonate with shoppers
2.1 Omnichannel shoppable videos
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2.2 AI-powered shopping solutions
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2.3 UGC marketplace for eCommerce
2.4 The indispensable role of design in eCommerce
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2.5 Mobile eCommerce; it’s where your customers are
2.6 The modern loyalty playbook
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Chapter 3

Elevate the shopping journey
3.1 Mobile shopping and site speed
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3.2 Utilizing simple reviews to earn customers' trust & boost review submissions
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3.3 Unleashing the tech stack to supercharge growth
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3.4 Upgrade subscriber experience through gamification
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3.5 Integrated review journeys
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3.6 Maximizing eCommerce success with affiliate programs
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3.7 Cutting-edge post-purchase experience for eCommerce businesses
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Chapter 4

Provide effortless purchasing processes, including shipping and returns
4.1 Automate omnichannel order operations
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4.2 Reducing your returns with AI-powered scan solution
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4.3 Enhancing the Shopify shopping experience: Post-Purchase Success
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Chapter 5

Harness personalization to create individualized shopping experiences
5.1 Personalization for intelligent shopping experiences
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5.2 Next-gen SMS using AI and personalization
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5.3 Pricing up the ultimate Shopify partner tech stack
5.4 Personalized product reviews
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5.5 Increase every order on your store
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5.6 Subscriptions and retention
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5.7 Increase repeat purchases with personalized rewards

Chapter 6

Analyze eCommerce shopping at scale
6.1 AI to help shops learn about shoppers. Analyze the shopping journey to improve customer retention
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6.2 Commerce-centric video analytics
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Chapter 7

Conclusion: How to drive more sales with innovative eCommerce shopping
100+ pages of the latest innovation in ecommerce

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100+ pages of the latest innovation in ecommerce