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videowise vs. Lyvecom

Videowise drives growth that tolstoy can’t.

Over 2,000 leading brands sell more with videowise


01. overview - Videowise

discover visual commerce

The ultimate suite of shoppable media solutions designed to inspire action & drive conversions.

video commerce
Video infrastructure designed for eCommerce to Boost engagement and inspire purchases.
video channels
Inspire visitors with your own Netflix-style learning & shopping video experience.
media infrastructure
Organize, make shoppable, and optimize with AI media assets in one centralized library.
user generated content
Save time and get more UGC with automated social listening & request creator usage rights.
shoppable images
Improve product discovery and inspire purchases with shoppable image galleries.
personalization engine
Tailor visual experiences and dynamically adapt your website for different types of audiences.

01. overview - Lyvecom

Tolstoy is a shoppable video app

Text here about what Tolstoy is Capture your customer's attention and increase conversions by integrating video feeds and stories into your e-commerce website.

Some more text goes here about them and their services bla bla bla.

Tolstoy claims to “set the standard for shoppable video” although Videowise launched shoppable videos in 2021, Tolstoy launched shoppable videos in 2023.
All text & images credits to Tolstoy Inc. More info on gotolstoy.com 
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02. videowise vs. Lyvecom - product comparison

Videowise offers so much more, it’s not even fair

switched from tolstoy to videowise

“videowise is The best video platform we’ve ever seen.”

Ben Yahalom President, TrueClassic
03. videowise vs. Lyvecom - pricing comparison

a highly superior product, with better pricing

switch to videowise
Price for sites with 100K monthly visitors

Switch from Tolstoy and get a special discount

Price for sites with 100K monthly visitors

Updated information from gotolstoy.com/pricing

switched from tolstoy to videowise

“videowise is The best video platform we’ve ever seen.”

Alicia Long Nutr (2)-1
Ben Yahalom President, TrueClassic

Over 2,000 leading brands sell more with videowise

Frequently asked questions

Can I get started for free?

Absolutely! Videowise offers a 21-day free trial with full app functionality. Embed shoppable & interactive widgets on your site, Shop App, anywhere.

What are interactions?

An interaction is a video watched for longer than 3 seconds or a click on a hotspot in a shoppable image.

How does Videowise pricing work?

Other shoppable video apps charge for views/impressions that don't generate any value. Videowise charges per number of unique interactions your visitors have with Videowise widgets.

We also offer fixed monthly pricing custom tailor-made for your needs.

Do you offer extended free trials?

Absolutely! We offer custom extended free trial periods to allow established businesses to perform A/B testing. To request an extended free trial period please contact our sales team.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

You can get started with Videowise for free to explore the platform's capabilities and see how powerful and easy to use it is.

Our plans are recommended depending on your monthly average site traffic so that you can easily estimate which plan is right for you. For businesses with over 100k monthly site visitors, you should contact our sales team to get a custom-tailor pricing offer.

What happens if I max my monthly interactions?

Your Videowise widgets will continue to display on your site and you will be automatically billed for additional interactions as detailed in our pricing plans. 

You can also contact our sales team for a custom-tailer fixed monthly pricing offer.

What support do I receive from Videowise?

All Videowise users benefit from:

  • Knowledge base with step-by-step instructions
  • Video tutorials
  • Live chat support (during business hours)
  • Email support (24h reply time)

Our Pro & Enterprise plans also include:

  • Personalized implementation strategy and app onboarding
  • Assisted implementation & team training
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Private Slack channel
  • Ongoing account performance monitoring

Can I connect multiple stores in Videowise?

Yes you can! You can connect an unlimited number of stores to your Videowise account starting from the Pro plan ($449/month).

You also benefit from shared assets between connected stores such as your media Library, and widgets which save you time and make it easier to implement consistent shoppable visual experiences on multiple stores.

Are there any hosting capacity restrictions?

There are almost no limits on how many videos or images you can host in your Videowise library!

Our clients host & embed anywhere from tens to thousands of videos and images in their Videowise account.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. If our solution does not meet your needs we will offer you a full refund in the first 30 days.

Frequently asked questions

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How does Videowise free trial work?

We offer a Free plan that syncs all your products but is limits automatic video search to just 10 products. You can still manually add videos to all your products.
inspire conversions

All the visual tools you need to increase engagement and sell more


media management


shoppable video


video quiz


in-video forms


video channels


shop app video


mobile app integrations


shoppable hotspots


instagram & tiktok feeds


social listening


collect ugc


ugc usage rights


personalization engine


media ai-optimization


automations & rules


shoppable video in email


performance analytics


multi-store management

visual commerce at scale

transform your shopping experience today

Get started free with the most powerful visual commerce platform in the industry.

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