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Top 5 video ads tips after testing 700+ creatives for Giesswein brand

In the eCommerce world, videos have become an integral part of every marketing strategy. Investing in the correct type of video will help you tell your brand's story in a more compelling way and build an emotional connection with your customers, ultimately increasing your conversion rate.

How to stand out from the crowd?

We want to share a success story of our client, Giesswein, that started more than a year ago. 

Last year their yearly revenue increased roughly by 60%, and we contributed to their success.

In almost two years of collaborating with Giesswein, we created and tested 700 different creatives. We did not include different formats or videos in different languages. We produced videos for German, French, and other audiences. 

We think it’s safe to say we have learned a thing or two along this journey. 

Below, we have gathered 5 tips for the best video templates that will help you scale through the roof and beyond.

Don't Blink Videos

If you quickly search the average person's attention span, you will see that it is probably shorter than you have expected. It is only 8 seconds. 

How are you supposed to show how excellent and unique your product is in just 8 seconds? 

The secret ingredient is to create content that will keep them engaged from the start without getting them distracted. 

Remember that your customers’ feed is flooded with entertainment, so you better make them curious from the first shots. Make sure the information in the video is specific enough to make your audience understand your products’ benefits.

Use to your advantage the fact that people are naturally drawn to other human beings, so try to make your content personal so your audience can relate. Sync it with music, text, and movement. Whatever you do, keep their eyes on the screen. They`ll want to rewatch the video simply because they connected to your message. 

Your audience will become emotionally invested. For this reason, this template is perfect for top and middle funnel audiences.

For example, this creative here generated revenue 6x the amount spent because it followed some simple guidelines to hold the audience’s attention. The video used a maximum of 1-3 words per frame, and the focus was on the center, avoiding any unnecessary distractions.

Another example is this ad where you can see 7 different shots until the 5-second mark. This part of the video is the hook that drives viewers in.

In fact, after we crafted this good hook for our client, there was no need for creating expensive ads to generate interest. Once the hook worked its magic, the audience was immersed in Giesswein’s story right away.

Long-form Copy-focused Videos

Long-form videos are considered to have a significant impact on the customers’ engagement because it focuses on entertainment and storytelling.

People love to watch longer videos as long as they learn about exciting topics that could tackle specific needs.

To stay on top of this emerging video type and understand what your target audience expects from your product, you have to put yourself in their shoes.

An excellent place to start is looking at your product reviews on YouTube and checking out the comments. Looking at what words your audience is using and what concerns them the most will help you better speak their language.

To build a connection between your brand and their needs, you have to add your twist to the story so your customers feel like you’re talking to them.

Be very intentional with how you tell your brand’s story and make the video value-packed from the beginning until the end.

Let’s have a glance at this creative, and see how easily one video can highlight the perks that come along with this product.

Close-up Shots Template

The close-up shot, when used efficiently, can give your viewers a detailed and personal look at the products they might usually miss.

When you decide to use close-up shots to show your product in all its glory, a more significant connection is created between the viewer and the product featured in the shot.

You may notice how the viewing experience becomes more seamless when the camera gets closer to the product’s details to convey a more exciting effect. 

As for the close-up shot, avoid hiding the product. The more you make your product the center of attention, the better its details will be emphasized.

At the end of the day, the goal is to keep your viewers engaged, so don’t use unnecessary props that might distract them from focusing on the product. 

Here, you can see an example of how the video editors used a balanced mix of camera shots and angles, piecing together a compelling story.

Extreme Demonstrations

Some of the most excellent video pieces that really catch your attention are the extreme demonstrations of a product.

If your brand boasts unique functionality that can make a difference, don’t hesitate to make it stand out. 

No matter what video template you choose, you must find a way to show those outstanding features of your product in action. 

The shots have to frame your product’s benefits in a way that impacts the viewer and dominates the scene. You’ll have your audience mesmerized by how your product behaves in extreme conditions, which will perfectly encapsulate the desire to try it out. 

If you claim that your product is waterproof - go ahead and dump it in the water. You say it`s scratch resistant - try to use the sharpest object you got on hand. You got the point. 

Capture your product in intense action, and you’ll have your audience’s attention.

People nowadays go above and beyond for this kind of content that makes them feel they are in the center of the action, especially on TikTok. 

Discover in this video how Giesswein showcased the material and functionality of their shoes in an extreme environment, using intense shots that perfectly engage with the viewers. This kind of video speaks directly to the audience’s need of owning a pair of durable shoes that can be used safely in extreme situations.

The Final, But Most Important Tip

Remember that no one knows what works unless you’re open to trying it out.

These tips for video templates that we shared with you will generate value and conversions only when tested.

When deciding on video creatives, consider making a big batch of high-quality content. 

As long as you have an effective marketing strategy, you’ll have a winning formula for making valuable videos that will impact your audience.

Your marketing infrastructure is an ongoing process that allows you to test creatives repeatedly and at scale. 

No matter what video formats you choose, always keep in mind to deliver the proper value that ultimately builds credibility and drives sales. 

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